Hi.  I’m Kelly.

Plume is my little corner of the world.

My shop.

plume (the noun): is a feather, a decoration.

plume (the verb means to decorate or adorn

As time passes, I hope you’ll become familiar with…

plume (the adjective)   local.  handmade.  vintage treasure.   pretty somethings.  decor.  gifts.

“Something old…something new…something borrowed…something plume…” 

At the end of the day I hope Plume isn’t just a shop full of pretty things.  I hope its known as a place filled with a pretty spirit.  Psalm 91:4 says

He will cover you with his feathers,

and under his wings you will find refuge”

I pray Plume will always be a place where women can get away from everyday life.  Maybe to shop.  Maybe just to talk.  Maybe to gather and learn or support one another through life’s trials.   A place of refuge that bears witness to God’s grace and provision.  Welcome to my attempt to gather all the things I love into one off-the-beaten-path, little shop.  My heart clings to the good things of the past…yet ever moves forward.  Some things are worth preserving, learning their stories {or giving them a new one} and passing them on when the time is right.  But I’m a girl and I still love fresh new things too.    At Plume, I creatively mix nostalgic vintage finds with locally up-cycled and hand-made home decor, necessities & gifts.

Stop in.  Stay awhile.  Enjoy.  Shop.  Pass it on.



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13 thoughts on “about

  1. Kelly, I can’t wait to visit your shop. In fact, I,m in need of your decorating advice. Will contact you next week. We’re out of town now.

  2. Kelly, Thank you so much for the repairs to my granddaughter’s braclet it looked great.she will be thrilled.

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