I'm not panicking...

 A White Christmas sounds nice & cozy in songs and childhood dreams until you grow up and open a cute little retail gift shop and the forcast calls for snow on Thursday Dec 22, two days before Christmas Eve, one of your top 10 sales days of the year.

If snow comes, and it impacts our ability to be open, I'll trust that God has a plan for the day that is bigger than Holiday Shopping, and it won't be the end of the world.   A disappointment?  Yes, but trying to keep it in perspective, and trying not to panic!

However, I'd appreciate a few extra prayers though if you think of it!   That my stamina holds out until 1PM on Dec 24th, and the SNOW does too!

In the meantime, come to Plume early this week on Tuesday or Wednesday, before the threat of weather hits.  We're opening early all week at 9AM!   Here's a quick reminder of our hours.
On to more fun things! 

I just received a new batch of local honey from a farm in Rocheport and it's in the cutest little jars.  Lee Sommer raises bees and harvests honey and his daughter Laurel, a good friend of mine, designed the labels.  They're perfectly giftable on their own but I had some time in the shop today to do one of my favorite things and curated these adorable Berry Basket Gift Sets. 


These "Oh Honey" gift sets are $36.99, and I only have 10 available.  You can claim yours HERE then swing by the shop this week and pick up.  We all have family members and friends who don't need more "Stuff"...and these gift sets are sweet, practical and lovely. 

REMEMBER, GIFT CARDS always make a great gift.  And we can send you an EMAIL version, so you don't even have to come by if you are short on time. 


If we can help you shop for anyone on your list, just reply to this email and let me know who you need to buy for.  I'll snap some pics and send you some ideas. 
Holiday Bake Shoppe Update
We're sold out of Cookie Decorating Kits and have closed orders for Macarons but it's not too late to order cupcakes and GOPO!


Stop in this week for shopping + merriment.  
We'll even wrap all your gifts for FREE while you wait!