...a cupcake hangover!

I apologize you're getting this a little late today.   I'm struggling with what I call a Cupcake Hangover.   It's an ailment that comes from making 7,500 cupcakes from scratch in 48 hours...

I'm dehydrated.  

I have a headache. 

Brain fog.

Every joint in my body hurts. 

My fingers are raw.

Sound Fun?

It wouldn't be if it weren't for these girls. 

I feel bad posting this pic because there are so many more from our team that aren't in it.  15+ people total, not including my parents, hubbie and kids!  Impossible to capture everyone, but please know...each one is so appreciated! 

Last night we delivered 1,250 6 Pack boxes of cupcakes to Veterans United and then spent the next 3 hours handing them out to Merry Holiday Guests!  So much to say about the past week and how proud I am of my team!  They executed our baking, icing and boxing plan near flawlessly and we finished ahead of schedule. 

It's easy to get consumed by the numbers on a project as massive as this.  I really can't even call it an "order" but rather a full scale production.   The numbers are measureable, from the recipe ingredients, to the sales dollars and the hours of labor.   But it's the intangibles that are the true character-shaping and team-building opportunities.   

Time for our newer team members to get to know others. 

Time for our bake shoppe alumni to come back and join us. 

Time for my girls and their friends to help and learn the value of hard work.

Time for my parents to come and pitch in. 

Time to see the joy on people's faces when they realize that YES!  These really are a gift of cupcakes being given to you, courtsey of Veterans United.  

We're thankful for this opportunity.  And once again, we're thankful we were spared rain or other weather hardships.   By God's gracem we were able to deliver what we committed to delivering.   And we are thankful that WE ARE FINISHED! 

It almost feels like Christmas should be OVER...but then I realize that we still have 11 Days left to spread some holiday joy and cheer at Plume.   A reminder of our Holiday Hours for December.   (I've been struggling with Facebook and Google to get these updated in all the right places)  


For my sanity and everyone else's around me, we will remain closed on Sundays. 
This is a big week for shopping...so a few reminders about what we have up for grabs!

If we can help you shop for anyone on your list, just reply to this email and let me know who you need to buy for.  I'll snap some pics and send you some ideas. 
One last reminder to please get your bake shoppe orders in as soon as possible.  We can't promise how long the ordering window will stay open and we don't want to have to turn anyone away. 



Stop in this week for shopping + merriment.  
We'll even wrap all your gifts for FREE while you wait!