Post Holiday Plans

I hope this finds you all in a state of post holiday relaxation!  Christmas is joyous!  But holidays are also stressful and hard. 

As the snow hit last was rough.  Business did suffer and unfortunately we most likely won't hit our December goals, just as the news reported across the country from other major retail sales trended down across the board.

But something magical still happened...

With each passing hour as we neared Christmas Eve and our closing time at 1PM, I could feel my stress level decreasing and my spirits rise.   It seemed so odd on Thursday, Friday & Saturday to be in the shop and not feel like it was mass chaos.  We were busy, just not "December" busy. 

I found myself actually having time to reset some sales displays and make a few plans for post holiday markdowns.   And in the end I didn't hit the numbers I wanted...but I hit the numbers I needed.  Plume still grew for the year, in spite of our biggest month of the year being significantly down.   It's disappointing, but it's not catastrophic.   And we do still have a few days left in the month...anything is possible?

It's a good dose of reality to be reminded that my hope is not in Plume. 

Christmas Eve services were just what I needed at the end of the most stressful week of the year.   Filled with all the Hope and Beauty my soul was thirsty for.


The Lord is my Shepherd...I have all I need...

So what about you?  Is Christmas officially over for you?  Or do you have round 2 coming up this week like I do?  (We're celebrating with my family this week and the Gilions this weekend).  Christmas is still going strong over here. 
Whatever your are a few reasons to swing by Plume this week. 
  • You have visiting family & friends and need to get out of the house for a bit!
  • You still have Christmas Gifts to purchase for your belated Celebrations!
  • You have Plume Gift Certificates to Spend!
  • You want to grab some post holiday bargains!
  • You need some sweet treats!
And a quick reminder of our Post Holiday Hours.   Open Tuesday - Friday 10-6, and New Years Eve 10-1.

Would love to see your visiting family & friends this week!