Thanks Easter Bunny!

I was grabbing groceries this morning and happened down the Easter Aisle and for some odd reason this M&M's Commercial that came out when I was 8 years old in 1981...went through my head. 

Not a great image, but if you know... 

It goes through a series of kids thanking the Easter Bunny for the M&M's they found in their Easter Basket... each of them saying "Thanks Easter Bunny" a little montage.  Finally at the end, these two flash on the screen and the little egg says "Thanks Easter Bunny" and the chick flaps his wings and says "Bawk Bawk".   The perfect little bit of child humor to cap off the commercial. 

And it was a huge hit.

Every Easter after, for years, around my house that phrase could be heard... the "Bawk Bawk" always included at the end.  The things you forget about eventually from childhood but then come flooding back at random times.   My parents were here last week through Saturday and they brought the kids their Easter Goodies, so it was fun celebrating a little early with them. 

So many of you had such encouraging and kind words last week after reading my email (if you missed it you can read HERE) as we recognized all that had transpired since the closing of our shop due to COVID one year prior.    Our sales for last week were up substantially vs. the same week last year! Not hard to imagine since we were only open a day and a half the same week last year before closing our doors and converting to a weekly curbside pickup only for 7 weeks.  And while I know the Easter Bunny is not at all responsible for this growth, a big "THANK YOU" is, once again, at hand. 

Of other notable events, we hosted a super sweet Bridal Shower in the Gathering Room...

Vs. this time last year I had to cancel at least 11 upcoming Showers and parties we had booked.  It was so crushing to do, both for our Hostesses and their guests of honors and for us.    

But it's time to celebrate the return of these special events to our Gathering Room.   

And I'm so blessed to say our space is booking up very quickly.   
We have just a few limited openings in April & May.  June is still pretty wide open, but historically June is a huge month in our shop for Bridal Showers... so if you need a sweet spot for a shower, you can read a bit about our Gathering Room HERE. 

A few COVID related details to note.  
Masks are still required for all guests at Plume whether for shopping or private events.  As in restaurants masks may be removed when guests are seated in the Gathering Room, eating or drinking. 

Speaking of the Easter Bunny...
We started taking pre-orders for our Easter Cupcakes this past week.  These little chicks and birds nests made their debut last year, but we for sure think they are worthy of a repeat.  
Flavors are:  Simply Vanilla (Yellow Chicks), Simply Chocolate (Bird Nests), Simply Strawberry & Dark Chocolate Raspberry.   You may place orders for pick-up any day Tuesday - Saturday through Saturday April 3rd.  We do expect orders for that Saturday before Easter to reach our capacity so get your orders in before we have to close ordering down.  
I mentioned making sure you're following along on Instagram to get behind the scenes peaks of all our happenings in between these weekly emails like this impromptu Q&A session I responded to over in our stories.  You can read those HERE.  

We are back at it this week!  Hope this week is easy on you as you slide into your Spring Break plans next week.  I'll be holding down the fort here most of the week next week as the majority of our team heads out of town.  So if you're having a Spring Break Stay-cation, make sure to make a trip out to Plume to say HI! 

Thanks Easter Bunny (Bawk Bawk)!