A Year of Our Lives...

Before I start reminiscing...a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who spent time with us last week during our first ever Spring Open House.   And I realized I never shared the after pic of our new Market Area in the front of the shop. 
This was the interim, after we cleared the space...

And this is the space with the new shelves in the windows.  This particular pic was taken when I was at the shop late one night merchandising all the shelves.   And the next pic shows you what an amazing transition takes place during the day when the light is shining through!

I love it so much.  We now have more floor space in this area but we have so much more merchandise loaded up on the shelves and it's so much easier for you to browse and see all the unique things! 

What an amazing week we had! 

You may recall I mentioned if our Spring Open House was attended 1/2 as well as our Holiday Open House, being that this was our first one, I would considered it a success.  Well friends...you did not disappoint!    We ended up selling 240 tickets (compared to 352 for the Holiday Open House).  So I officially met my goal of 50% (actually 68%!!)   

Never mind the numbers, it was so fun greeting and visiting with each of you.    

I have the best job in the world!

I spent some time reading through my journal entries from this time last year and it was a completely different story.   Things were changing with COVID so quickly and there was so much fear hanging in the air.   

March 10th 2020 I sent my weekly email out and had been testing the new oven in our newly remodeled Bake Shoppe Kitchen.   I was trying to be business as usual but with each passing hour things were developing and proving otherwise.  By March 13th Jeremy was told he would be working from home and it was announced that the kids would be schooling from home after March 14th.    March 17th, the next weekly email went out and I was putting on a true game face.  Making some modifications, telling staff to stay home...but still open.   But by the time I walked back into the shop the next day on March 18th, the decision to close had solidified in my mind and heart. 

And so we did. 

For 7 weeks we stayed closed and moved to a weekly curbside pickup of cupcakes, popcorn, croissants, macarons, flowers, honey, eggs...and anything else I could think of that might be of value to you, to brighten your days at home and allow you to venture out for a quick curbside pickup.  

I remember doing some quick math and determining the bare minimum in sales I needed to pay my rent and keep the shop afloat while closed.   I was scared.    I essentially "laid off" my entire team, fearful that I wouldn't be able to pay them.

But now, one year later, God has returned all of that and so much more.  My team, with a few new faces, our customers, our makers, a beautiful shop full of amazing things.  My family has stayed safe from COVID.  My parents have had their second shots and are actually arriving for a visit today! 

We've come through stronger but if I let myself linger too long, there is a part of me that can't help but feel like I lost a year of my life.  Time with my family and friends that will never be recovered.  Experiences with my kids that will never be relived.  And if I'm honest, If I were to really examine myself inside and out, I don't believe my mental or physical health is as good as it was this time last year.   

But I'm still here, and I know this cannot be said for everyone and all those you hold dear.   Some of you are dealing with immeasurable losses.  

2.6 Million Deaths Worldwide.   535,000 in the US alone.  

So many local businesses closed or still struggling. 

So many other horrible things have happened in the last year outside of COVID. 

It's sobering. 

And humbling. 

And all the more reason to be so grateful for what we have. 

The world has changed...but we're still here.
Thank you friends, from the bottom of my heart.   

If you weren't able to make the Open House I'm going to spend lots of time this week taking pics and posting to social media all the amazing things that are in the shop for Spring.  Instagram is the best place to get daily updates from me in between these emails.  You can hop over and follow along HERE. 

In honor of St. Patty's this week we'll have plenty of 
Grasshopper PIE GOPO!

Made with Creme De Menthe, white chocolate and Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies.  Soooo GOOD!
And make sure you don't get pinched on Wednesday!  Grab our "Lucky Me" tee online now and pickup in time to wear tomorrow.  this week.   
The prettiest metallic gold shimmer ink, printed on a Kelly Green Bella Canvas Unisex Tee. 


Hours this week Tuesday - Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 4.  If you have upcoming events we'd be happy to you with cupcakes for any occasion.   You can order on the website or give us a call. 
Have a great week, friends!