March 10, 2020

If you don't care about my kitchen follies, feel free to skip over to our Workshop Info and other ordering and event info at the end of this email...

I still don't have great "after" pics of the kitchen.  I keep forgetting to take shots of the entire room so you can see how the layout changed from the different view points.  Maybe because I spent most of my "free time" this last week personally baking cupcakes in the new oven.  

Any idea how long it takes to put 144 cupcake liners in their respective cupcake tins?

Not nearly as long as it takes to then scoop the batter 144 times...

And after 2 consecutive days of baking 12 dozen cupcakes (a collective total of 288 scoops made)  I've coined a new term.  

Cupcake Elbow. 

The struggle is real friends.   We have a batter dispenser for our chocolate cupcakes.  It's a much thinner batter than our vanilla. But I'm not certain there is one that will work for our vanilla.  But for $18.99, I took a risk and ordered one.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

The first day I had about a 50% success rate.  Only about 6 of the 12 dozen cupcakes made "Plume Cupcake Standards"  so back to the drawing board I went, adjusting temp and fan settings and repeated on Friday. 

Much better success rates!  11 of the 12 dozen turned out great! 

But I'm not one to settle for 91.6% success so we'll be repeating again this week.  For the amount of money I spent on this dang oven I will not settle for anything less than 100%.   Luckily, I think its just a matter of baking them 1 less minute on this next batch.  We shall see!  

In any event, please feel free to order cupcakes to your hearts content!  We'll likely have a surplus the next few weeks while we continue to test.    

Stay tuned for pics of our Easter Cupcake Assortment coming soon!  We're hoping to open up orders next week.  I can't get over how cute (and delicious) they're going to be.  With flavors sure to please everyone!

And this sweet tiny cross necklace is my favorite Easter Basket Stuffer this year.    14KT Gold Fill on a delicate 16 inch chain makes it the perfect length for young girls like my 8 & 11 year olds.  It's also a great length for layering with longer necklaces if you're a "big girl".

Ordering for In-Store pickup is easy HERE (or we will ship!) 

Last call this week for this adorable Felt Flower Workshop with Heartgrooves Handmade March 12 &14
And Sugar Cookie Decorating with Kiss Me Cookies March 19 & 20.  Still classes available to sign up!    

We're here for you this week friends, ready to help your with all your gifting needs.