S'more Updates...

Last week I shared a glimpse of our kitchen project.  You can read the whole post HERE, but this is where we left off.

After three late nights at the shop last week, this is where we are...about 95% done.   

We got the legs, counter top and doors added.  Not without a few bumps along the way.  Sitting here now I can't even recall all the issues we had to address to make this work, but we did it, and by Friday night I was worn out.   

I have 8 more of these pretty green stools on the way.  There is so much white in the space and I love the pop of color they add.  Plus they stack so easy to get them out of the way when they're not needed. 

We still need to add the end panels and toe kick to the cabinets and a few other touch up items. 

They  give us so much more storage space to organize and hide all our "stuff".  Now that all the clutter has been pretty much eliminated and put away, I'm looking forward to actually decorating the space a bit more. 

Stay tuned for more pics when I get around to that. 

In other Bake Shoppe news... Gimme S'more cupcakes are back this week! 

and Pumpkin Creme!

So excited about these!  They'll be in our bakery case daily, or you can order ahead.  We don't have these added to the online orders quite yet, so just reply to this email to order or call the shop at 573-356-0867.  


Cookie decorating workshops are happening this week and Charcuterie boards are next week!  They are all full but we're planning to release some dates in October so stay tuned.   
We had so much fun last week with our first Felt Flower Workshop in almost 15 months!

Here are the kits Beth Created that we started with...

And a few of our happy crafters with their finished projects...

Thursday October 7th  6PM  (6 Spots Left)

This week's game is out of town, but if you're hosting a watch party...lots of goodies to help!

 The bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacarons & classic cookies but ordering ahead will help us better plan our production this week.  Stop by and for more Gifts & Goodies. 
See you in the shop this week!