You might remember this post I wrote at the end of March, just 2 weeks into the shop being closed and leary of what April would bring.   Here I am on April 27th, I think as in shock as anyone could be to tell you that Plume is not just surviving this thing. 

We are thriving!
(Read to the end to hear more about ordering these hand lettered hymns)
Are things perfect?  Nope.  Have there been a few steps backward?  Yes.  And we're in a weird place where the financial impact to Plume is truly unknown.   With God's grace and blessing we've managed to somehow exceed our sales from April of 2019.  I don't know many businesses who are going to be able to say that and I don't take that lightly and I'm grateful.  But we do know that with the growth trajectory we had been on since the beginning of the year prior to COVID we would have expected sales to be much higher. 

But who's to say?   

And obviously I was able to keep the shop running with the sales I made in 2019, so if the remainder of 2020 just ends up being FLAT as a pancake...it's do-able.  It's disappointing.  But do-able and survivable.  And compared to the alternatives that so many other businesses are facing, I'll take it! 

So thank you again. I just can't say it enough. 

Thank you to those of you who have been customers for years who come repeatedly to our curbside pick-ups for Cupcakes, Croissants, Gourmet Popcorn and other goodies.  Thank you to those of you who are brand new and decided to brave the unknown to try us out for the first time.   Thank you for ordering gifts online and anything else you could find on our website.   Your support new and old means the world to me. 

We're opening back up next week! 

This week we will continue our Friday Curbside Pickup orders on May 1st from 9-11AM.  We also have a big round of curbside pick-ups planned for Mother's Day week on both Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th.  

In addition to that I'm bringing my team back to the shop!

Starting May 5th, we'll have someone in the shop during our regular shop hours Tuesday - Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4 to answer the phone, take curbside orders, run orders out, pull online orders etc. and I'm so glad to have the help.   This will allow our makers to get back to the shop and replenish inventory, allow us to respond more quickly to your questions and needs for products that might not be available on our website, and of course we will spend lots ot time cleaning and sanitizing and just getting acclimated to yet another phase of this new world we are living in.

I know there are many of you who will not yet feel comfortable coming into the shop, and that's ok.  We're still offering full curbside weekly with Croissants but in addition to that Cupcakes and GOPO will also be available through the week via pre-order. We will not be prepping loose cupcakes in the case for walk-ins, so you will still need to order ahead with 24 hours notice,  but we're happy that you'll be able to order cupcakes for pickup any day Tuesday - Saturday...no longer just on Fridays.  

So that's next week.  

As for this week.  
We're back at it with our CURBSIDE PICKUP THIS FRIDAY May 1st from 9am to 11am.   All menu items in our "Curbside Market" like our made-from-scratch cupcakesGOPO Gourmet Popcornfresh baked CroissantsFrench Macaronselderberry syrup, and farm fresh local eggs will be available to order and pick-up, along with anything you'd like to purchase from our website.  
PLEASE  NOTE:  FOOD ORDERS MUST BE IN BY 4PM THURSDAY APRIL 30th for pickup Friday Morning.   Merchandise orders may be placed all the way up to 9AM Friday morning for pickup same day.
If you're trying to figure out just how to let Mom know how much you love her this Mother's Day Check out our full  "Love Your Momma" Collection HERE.   It's honestly a collection we'll probably keep up all year, because mom's deserve to be celebrated more than once every 365 days!   
Here are some of our favs this week!  You can just click right on the images to go straight to the website to order if you see something you (or your momma) would love to have. 

Handmade wooden signs.  

Our favorite locally written cookie cookbook!  Lauren actually won an award at the Missouri State Fair last summer for one of her recipes.   A cookie recipe that represents each state!

Our newest "Love Your Momma" Bundle.  Only $39.99

New Earrings from One Designs

For Missouri Mommas

These gorgeous vintage hand lettered hymn pages from Kate Peiffer, the artist behind Beautiful Bible. We have over 70 one-of-a kind pieces from Kate.  Each one a different hymn.  We aren't able to post every single one of them but I did add about 10 to the website HERE.  AND I also added a "SURPISE ME" category where you just order a hymn and we leave it to God to make sure the words you receive are just what you need to hear!    We are also happy to field requests if you want to place an order under "surpise me" and then email me back here and we can see if there is one that fits what you're looking for. 

And finally...no fresh flower bouquets this week but we do have...
- C U R B S I D E   M E N U -

Assorted Cupcakes 6 Pack Box $11.99
Assorted Cupcakes 1 Dozen Box $22.99


Gallon Bags Only $14.99


Mixed box of 6 (3 Plain, 3 Chocolate)
Mixed box of 10 (5 Plain, 5 Chocolate)

Assorted Box of 6 $12
Assorted Box of 12 $22

Organic Elderberry Syrup & Gummies $19 - $24
Farm Fresh Eggs $3.99/doz

See you "at the curb!"