March 31, 2020

Last week's curbside pickup was such a wonderful success.  Thank you to everyone who ordered!  It was so encouraging to have over 60 cars pull in for their pickups.  I was a little nervous on how that would work because I was at the shop by myself shuffling orders out.  Thankfully everyone arrived sporadically over the 2 hours and I never had more than 3-4 cars in the parking lot at one time.   But I was hoppin'!  (and I only had to make one trip to someone's home to deliver cupcakes that I accidentally left out of their bag!) 

We're back at it again this week and we've added even more items to our little "Curbside Market" like organic locally grown flowerselderberry syruplocal honey and farm fresh local eggs.  So if  you didn't have a chance to order last week, there's even more to "add to your cart" this week.

It's hard to believe it's only been 2 weeks since we were last open.   I shared earlier I feel like I'm working harder at "being closed" than I do when I'm open 5 days a week. With Jeremy also working and the kids schooling from home full-time there doesn't seem to be much delineation between weekdays and weekends.  I know you all must feel that too. 

It's certainly no vacation.   

Today is the last day of March.  At the beginning of every month I always sit down and forecast sales by looking at what I sold during the same month the year before and then how many days I'll be open in the current month.  At the beginning of March I was forecasting 21 "Open Days" at Plume.  We actually only had 10.5 in the books when I closed on March 18. 

I've been looking at numbers and even though I lost half of my "open days" my sales are only going to be down by about 20% overall from 2019 thanks to God's grace and the rally of support from all of you!   However, the first week of the month my sales were actually up 127% (CRAZY!) so when you consider the swing from 127% growth to 20% loss, that might give you more of an idea of how Plume has really been impacted.  

That's just what's in the past. 

Moving forward, between March 21 and May 2nd I've had 10 Gathering Room Events and Showers cancel.  There could be more to come. 

No one really knows how long this is all going to last. 

I don't share all of this for sympathy.   Overall, I'm still ok and we're all in the same boat.  I'm only sharing for the sake of transparency and for there to be some grasp that if a small shop like mine is facing these kinds of losses, how much greater are the overall losses to our economy? 

April feels uneasy. 

The adrenaline from March and having to act quickly and not have much time to think about things is wearing off.   I won't have that "first week of sales boost" in April like I had in March to buffer the loss.   April (and possibly May) will be the time when the cash flow could run out. 

Whew!  That was a lot.  Sorry. 

Thank you for listening but I think we all could use a little "Pick Me Up" after that.....

Speaking of a "Pick me Up" I spent more time going through the shop this week picking out things that really speak to me during this time.  And I think they could potentially speak to many of you and people you're wanting to love on right now from a distance. 

I'm calling it our "Pick Me Up" Collection and it is sooo cute and filled with things specifically chosen to "Pick You Up" spiritually AND you can literally "PICK THEM UP" on Friday during our Curbside Pickup hours from 9 to 11Am.  Or we've been working on our shipping game and we're ready to package everything up and ship to your loved ones!   


Our "You Are Lovely" 5 Product Bundle includes 5 amazing locally handmade items that will brighten anyone's day.  Item's pictured can be purchased individually, or you may purchase all 5 items  for one low discounted price of $29.99.  

Check out the full collection HERE.

And if you have nothing but time on your hands...Beth has been super busy putting together TONS of Felt Flower Kits that you can make from home!   

Including the mini kits to make the tiny felt flower wreath that's included in our "Pick Me Up" Kitchen Bundle shown above.  For $39.99 you'll get an embroidered tea towelset of 2 hand crocheted dish cloths, an adorable mini tin mug candle and a felt flower kit, supplies and instructions to make the mini wreath(Tea Towel and Dish Cloth colors and designs may vary but all are super cute!).   This bundle is designed to give your kitchen a little "Pick Me UP" and give you a fun project to work on to pass the time. 

And to help you with your Curbside Ordering this week, here is a more streamlined menu of everything we have available.  

- M E N U -

Assorted Cupcakes 6 Pack Box $11.99
Assorted Cupcakes 1 Dozen Box $22.99


Gallon Bags Only $14.99


Mixed box of 6 (3 Plain, 3 Chocolate)
Mixed box of 10 (5 Plain, 5 Chocolate)

Assorted Box of 6 $12
Assorted Box of 12 $22

Farm Fresh Eggs $3.99/doz
Local Honey  $15.99/16oz

See you Friday!

(from 6 feet away).