From the Bottom of my Heart...

Last week I went out on a limb and shared some thoughts about the mask ordinance.  I normally (at the request of my hubby) tend to keep my thoughts on controversial issues on the down low.  But last week I just felt like I needed to get a few things off my chest.  You can read those thoughts HERE if you'd like to know more.

I hit send, and I immediately started panicking. 

But you know what?  You all were so supportive.  You encouraged, you shared and then you came out for a visit.  

Thank you.   

No matter how hard I try, I'm not sure I could adequately express how much that means to me.   

And believe me when I say...I will miss seeing your smiles underneath that mask...and know we'll be smiling under ours.  But yes, masks are now required for anyone to enter the shop.  At least until October 10th. 

This means for shopping, participating in workshops, or attending a private shower or event in the Gathering Room.  If you are not able to wear a mask and need to purchase something from within the shop we are happy to continue assisting you curbside.  Just call the shop at 573-356-0867 for help. 

We do have a fun workshop coming up this week...

This class is perfect for girls & women ages 12 and up.  We did have some young cuties in our last workshop and they had so much fun.  (note:  pictures from below were in a workshop that took place before the mask mandate went into effect.  Masks will be required for this week's workshops)

Moms, if you have early teenage girls looking for a something to do this Friday morning, sign them up.  This would make a great mother - daughter date or you can sign your girls up without you and have some time to yourself.  As long as they wear a mask, they are welcome! 
Still time to sign up HERE if you want to attend!

Last week I also  announced that we're adding to our Bake Shoppe Team
15-20 hours per week (mainly 6-10am Tuesday - Friday and some Saturdays...but we rotate so not every Saturday) 

Interested parties can send their letter of interest and resume to me at this email:  Looking to interview the week of 7/20 with potential start date by the end of July. 

Don't Forget...
if you're interested in the beautiful "Everyday" bouquets from Cultivate Co. they are dropped off fresh every Tuesday & Friday.   Drop by or pre-order HERE

"Everyday" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (15 Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (30-Stems)  $49.99
"Everyday" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (15- Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (30-Stems)  $49.99

Macarons are BACK!  
Macarons are available for walk-in customers every Tuesday - Saturday in Assorted 6 & 12 packs.  We'll be rolling out more ordering options in the coming weeks but for now, you may order Macarons HERE.  
Thank you again for your kindness & support last week.  Looking forward to getting back in the shop this week Tuesday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4.

...from the bottom of my heart.