July brings with it Hamilton on Disney+  and mandated masks in the City of Columbia.  As I sit here typing this at 12:34 am, I am in fact watching Hamilton and just saw that it passed 6 to 1. 
Leading up to the vote and immediately after, here is what I saw posted on social media... from many people:

"I won’t be shopping in COMO if they institute the ordinance."

"I just need to know if I am going to be shopping in Moberly or Columbia (from someone while waiting for the news)."

"I’ll be going to Boonville"

"I'll be shopping in Jeff City"

"I will not shop at a business who asks me to wear a mask"

"I left a downtown shoe store this weekend when they asked me to wear a mask."


Regardless of how I personally feel about the mask ordinance, neither I nor my business are responsible for the vote or the outcome.  But I will be required to follow the law and trust me, none of us wants to be the mask police.

Yet, I'm so sad there are people who would take such an extreme viewpoint to literally say they won’t support their local economy, and small businesses like mine, in a time when it’s desperately needed.

Because of a mask?

Do you understand that as a small retail-based business owner, if I as owner or any of my employees (or even a customer who visits my business) is confirmed with a positive COVID test, we are talking about a potential closure of 14 days and the quarantine of ourselves, our employees and entire families. Surely, there is some understanding of what being closed for 14 days does to a small retail based business? Not to mention the negative publicity and shaming that would accompany the business and the public’s fear of returning to that business anytime in the near future.

Not something many of us can afford to risk.  

Just today, Shakespeare's South closed,  Las Margarita's is closed.  These businesses are literally less than 1/2 a mile from my shop.  Which business will be next?  Masks have been shown to decrease the spread.  If it will help me keep my business open, then I will gladly comply.  

On a brighter note...
You  might remember, we ended June last week with our Team Party.  It was so much fun!  We had dinner in the Flower Barn of Cultivate Co. (our local flower farm) and we all got to make our own fresh summer floral bouquets.   
When I looked at all these ladies lined up beside me, (just missing Emilia as she had to leave a little early) I just felt so thankful and honestly still unqualified to lead.  Still so very much to learn from this team, and humbled that they allow me to make mistakes and grow along side them.  

It was a fun night!   And Joan was the perfect hostess.  Her farm is beautiful.  She gave us a little tour and told us her family's story of the land. 

Here's my flower bouquet I made and a little BTS of the girls picking flowers for theirs...

Speaking of our team, I posted yesterday we're adding to our Bake Shoppe Team
15-20 hours per week (mainly 6-10am Tuesday - Friday and some Saturdays...but we rotate so not every Saturday) 

Interested parties can send their letter of interest and resume to me at this email:  Looking to interview the week of 7/20 with potential start date by the end of July. 

And if you're interested in the beautiful "Everyday" bouquets from Cultivate Co. they are dropped off fresh every Tuesday & Friday.   Drop by or pre-order HERE.   

"Everyday" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (15 Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Bright & Cheery (30-Stems)  $49.99
"Everyday" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (15- Stems)  $24.99
"Over-the-Top" Bouquet Subtle & Sweet (30-Stems)  $49.99

Macarons are BACK!  
MacKenzie's is back this week with more Macarons.  What a great launch she's had.  We sold out again last week.  Macarons available for walk-in customers every Tuesday - Saturday in Assorted 6 & 12 packs.  We'll be rolling out more ordering options in the coming weeks but for now, you may order Macarons HERE.  
Regardless of what side of the mask debate you fall on, I do sincerely hope that you'll continue to support your local small businesses.  We love serving you, and we need you. 
We're back at it this week Tuesday - Friday 10-6...see you "with masks on"