New Maker Welcome


We can't wait to have you join our Plume Maker Family. Before moving forward, please read these FAQs all the way to the end and follow the next steps to download your contract and other important forms.


What are your requirements for products?

  • New handmade gifts, décor, jewelry, accessories and other items that you personally designed and/or made.
  • Upcycled merchandise including but not limited to painted furniture, DIY décor
  • You are not permitted to resell anything that you did not personally have a hand in designing or making.

What is Plume's consignment fee?

The consignment fee retained by Plume is 40% of the retail price of your sold items.  Don't let that number scare you!   In many cases we are able to increase the value of your work just by putting it in a shop setting.  Your prices can often times be increased to absorb some or all of the consignment fee.   

Are there any additional fees/costs?

Plume charges a $5 monthly administrative fee which helps offset the cost of providing 24/7 online access to your Sales Data and your Direct Deposit. 

Do I need to pay my own sales tax?

Plume collects and pays all Missouri State sales tax on items sold in both our brick & mortar shop and online. You do not need to report or pay sales tax on your sales at Plume. Bonus: Because we are in the county, our sales tax rate is only 5.975%, which means your customers pay almost 2% less for your items.

Do I have to pay income tax on my sales at Plume?

Yes. Makers need to claim all income earned from sales at Plume. If you are not already, keep a file of all your receipts for materials, track your mileage etc. You are able to deduct mileage when you shop for supplies as well as dropping inventory off at Plume. You will receive a 1099 form from Plume if your net sales (sales less the Plume commission) exceeds $600 in the calendar year.

Am I charged Credit Card Fees on my Sales?

No!  Plume pays all credit card fees in both our brick & mortar and online shop out of our 40% commission. You are not responsible for credit card fees.

How do I track my sales?

Plume utilizes a POS system called Simple Consign which allows each maker real-time 24/7 online access to your in-stock inventory and sales data.  This system assists makers in managing their business and maximizing sales by keeping high-turnover items stocked and reducing lost sales opportunities due to empty shelves. After we receive your signed contract and initial inventory, you will be emailed a link to set up your Consignor Access Account.

When am I paid for my sales?

Direct Deposits are made and available in your account no later than the 7th of each month, for the prior month's sales.   We no longer cut paper checks for our makers. 

What is the threshold for Maker Payouts?

Once your Simple Consign account balance hits $50 in a given month, you will receive a payout at the end of that month.  If your account balance is under $50, the amount will roll over to the next month and continue to accrue until the balance is above $50.   You are also welcome to come into Plume and "shop" with your account.  All funds regardless of amount are available to use anytime as store credit when you are shopping at Plume. 

What are the Shop Hours at Plume?

Plume is open Tuesday thru Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4.  That means your customers will now have access to your products almost 40 hours per week while our shop is open, in addition to the potential for being included in our online shop. 

Am I able to sell at other retail outlets in Columbia while selling products at Plume?

To maintain our unique product mix, Plume asks that our makers refrain from selling items in other retail outlets within the 65203 zip code. This does not include one-time pop-up events or vendor fairs.

Am I able to sell directly to local customers, friends & family while selling products at Plume?

By all means, yes. Keep selling to your customer base. Our goal is to help you grow your business, not cannibalize it. However, once your retail prices are established at Plume, we kindly ask that you not dilute the value of your products by selling them below the advertised Plume price to local customers. If we’re able to raise the value of your items by having them in our shop, we want you to benefit from that also by becoming more profitable when you sell items on your own at vendor fairs or direct to your customers.

Am I able to sell online on my website or Etsy shop while selling products at Plume?

Yes. You may continue to sell your products online via your website or Etsy shop.

Will Plume provide Custom Order Facilitation for my products?

Yes, if you wish Plume to facilitate custom orders for local pickup at Plume please provide a sample item for display in the shop along with a detailed spec sheet of all info needed from the customer in order for you to fulfill the order. If Maker has a preferred custom order form, please provide and we will use that for brick & mortar orders.

If I want to sell online at Plume as well as Plume Brick & Mortar do I need to provide separate inventory?

No! We sell your items online and in-store using the same inventory bucket. Which means wherever your item sells, it’s pulled from your in-stock inventory.  No need to keep separate inventory for online vs. in-store sales. Our system tracks it simultaneously. If you want your items placed online you just need to let us know and we will add them to the website.

What items are suitable for online sales?

For products to be placed online we require a minimum quantity of 8 identical items. (Allowing for slight variations in hand made goods). This means size, dimensions, design, color, appearance, etc must be the same in order to be photographed and offered for online sales. Ideally, the items should also be replenishable when quantities run low.  One-of-a-kind, customizable items also work very well for online sales.  See above info for custom order items.

If I sell Online with Plume do I need to ship my sold items?

No. We collect shipping fees from the customer and pull your inventory to ship it to them straight from our sales floor.

Am I able to pull products from Plume to fill my Etsy orders or other personal orders?

No. Once your products enter Plume, they may not be removed from the sales floor for 60 days.

What other benefits do I have as a Maker at Plume?

  • Social media, website and email newsletter exposure with a combined total of over 10,000 unique views.
  • One-on-one Branding, Product Development & Strategic Pricing Consultations are available by appointment with Kelly Gilion, Owner. 
  • You and your customers who shop at Plume are eligible for our Loyalty Program. Points accumulate based on dollars spent in the shop and can be redeemed for $10 off for every 20 points accumulated. 


Next Steps

  • Download, print, review and complete the Consignment Consignment.  Download Contract
  • Download, print, review and complete the W9 formDownload W9 Form
  • Download, save and print the inventory sheet.  You will need to complete this each time you bring new inventory to Plume.  Download Inventory Sheet\
  • Complete the Maker Bio form -- be ready to attach a .jpeg or .png file of your logo and a fun photo of yourself. Logo & photo will be uploaded to the Plume Maker Page on our website!
  • Contact Kelly with any final questions and to schedule your onboarding appointment via email at
  • Bring all your completed forms and inventory to your scheduled onboarding appointment.