Happy Birthday To GoPo!

 First things first! 

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our Fall Kickoff Last week.  What a great time!  Follow our Instagram Stories HERE as we'll be announcing the Grand Prize Giveaway Winner later today! Still lots of fall goodies, flowers, and new market goods including Chef Eric's Wing Sauce,   It's so good you guys.  If you missed the Open House, come grab a jar this week!


If you've been around here any length of time, you're no stranger to GOPO.  But do you know the story behind our partnership?   Brooke and Nick came into Plume back in 2016 because they heard I had a commercial kitchen.  They were brand new parents and had been using the kitchen at B&B Bagel during off hours to prep their popcorn, but needed a space with more daytime availability.  Their sales were mainly by word of mouth, a few events downtown and some caterings here and there.   It hadn't yet occured to them that they could sell Popcorn at Plume.  They were just looking for a place to make it. 
...and then I tasted it! 
I knew they had so much potential and I said, "Sure you can use my kitchen but what I'd really love to do is help you sell this POPCORN!"

And so it began.  

They would haul in all their mobile equipment + the baby and a playpen and make popcorn in our kitchen.  (It wasn't easy.  Especially considering this was before we did our remodel in 2020 and the term "commercial kitchen" was used very generously to describe our set up.  I still can't believe the work we were able to get done in that humble little kitchen).
By the end of 2016 GOPO sales had grown so much they needed a more permanent space.  They found a place to rent in Fulton and while they started growing their business there Plume continued to be their exclusive retail outlet in Columbia.    Then just a few years later in 2019 they were able to buy an entire building across the street, completely renovate it and move in! 


 These days you can find Brooke & Nick at 525 Court Street in Fulton. 
Of course you can still grab 6 Original GOPO Flavors at Plume every Tuesday - Saturday, along with a Monthly Featured Flavor (September is Tiger Stripe!).  You can also place orders online on both the Plume and GOPO Websites for in-store pick-up at Plume and if you want to ship GOPO, you can order direct from the GOPO Website. 
In honor of GOPO's 3rd Anniversary of opening their Fulton shop we'd love for you take a drive out to visit Brooke & Nick in person and try some of the amazing flavors we don't have at Plume.  See their restored building and visit some of the other cute locally owned shops that surround GOPO. 
You'll likely get a glimpse of their boys running around the shop too.  (Nolan was only 8 months old when we started working together!, and Wally was born in March 2021).

Plume wouldn't be Plume without GOPO, and I'm so thankful for the day they walked into the door.  We've both grown a lot! 

We have just 4 spots left for our Fall Cookie Decorating Workshop with Laurel Harlan this Thursday at 6PM, but there is still time to sign up!   
And as always, if you need help with gifts for babies, brides, birthdays...or just because...we'd love to help you and don't forget the Cupcakes!
Come See Us This Week!