Dear Friends

Last Thursday, Jeremy was told by his employer, State Farm to work from home until further notice.  We made the decision as a family to practice social distancing and kept our kids home from school today pending news from CPS.  We're not fearful in general for ourselves or our children's well being; none of us are immune compromised or have underlying medical issues.  But we greatly want to lessen the burden on our medical professionals and health care system.  

I never thought I would be faced with some of these decisions as a small business owner.  But neither did you as a parent, a teacher, a spouse, a caregiver to your aging parents...

It's not easy trying to figure out the the balance that will allow Plume to keep our Employees 
& Customers safe, yet still provide the services we've been entrusted with by our makers.  Makers & other small business under our roof who need the income generated by their product sales perhaps now more than ever.  It's not easy trying to figure out ways to creatively keep the doors open short term, which hopefully means they can stay open long term.    

What can you expect from Plume this week, and in the coming weeks? 

Plume will be open regular hours this week Tuesday - Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-4 with a few operational modifications.   

We will have cupcakes, but now more than ever we need you to pre-order them.  You can do that here, or call the shop at 573-356-0867.  We need 24 hours notice to guarantee the flavors and quantities you need, but if you're not picky we will have a few assorted boxes ready to go each day.  We will not have loose cupcakes in the case available for individual purchase for the time being, only boxes of 4 and up.   Pre-orders will allow us to work profitably and minimize waste each day, enabling us to bake and sell enough to cover the payroll of the bakers and ingredient costs and know that the cupcakes are not just going to sit in the case unsold.  We don't have huge goals at this point, but we'd love to sell around 10 dozen per day. 

To some it may seem silly to think about selling Cupcakes and Gifts at a time like this, but we know that life doesn't stop.  People will still have milestones and events worth celebrating during this time of social distancing, if only in the confines of their immediate families & homes, and we want to help make those as special as possible.   

Who has something to celebrate this week?

We also have so many great handmade items that can provide needed encouragement to those who are struggling or are homebound.  We'll be focusing on those items particularly in the next few days so stay tuned to our social media channels.  

Who has someone to encourage this week?

We'll be shifting focus to as many pre-ordered items and sales on our website and social media channels as possible.   
See something you like?  If it's not on our website, just call the shop and pay over the phone.  We'll provide curbside pickup and shipping where products allow.   573-356-0867. 

While our shop will remain open for those who need to come inside, we'll be practicing customer service from safe distances and regular cleaning and sanitizing of all surfaces, doors and customer high traffic areas.   We urge you to please stay home if you are not feeling well or have any respiratory symptoms.   

We will continue to evaluate the needs of our city and customers and adjust as needed.

Please continue to share Plume with your friends and family.  Share our social media posts and invite your people to check out our 
Instagram FeedFacebook Page and Website.  

Choose to spend your dollars locally with us when you have the ability.  We even have SOAP!! 

We do have gift certificates!  

We're taking this one week (and possibly one day) at a time and we so appreciate your support over these last 6 years and now as we all go through this trying time together. 

We're here for you, We're praying for you.  We're trusting in our Lord.