With Love...9,000 Times

Sorry I missed your inbox this morning friends but I was recovering from our MASSIVE CUPCAKE PROJECT. (It's just way to large to simply call it an "order")

But rather it was a FULL-SCALE, all hands on deck production facility around here starting about 1PM on Saturday.

If you want to hear all about it keep reading, but quickly... the main reason for this email is to let you know we're 
cutting off GOPO HOLIDAY ORDERS for PICKUP at Plume tomorrow at 3PM. 

If your order is not in by tomorrow 
(Wednesday Dec 15th at 3PM) your popcorn gift needs will be limited to what we have available daily for walk-ins on a first come-first served basis.  And if you recall last year, the popcorn flew out of here quickly each day. 

I cannot stress enough, if POPCORN GIFTS are on your list...

And for those of you who are interested...a quick recap of our last 72 hours...

We were once again invited to participate in the VU Light Display this year.  They asked us (and PAID us!) to provide 9,000 cupcakes, in the form of 1,500 of our "White Christmas"  Cupcake 6-Packs to every car that drove thru their wonderful Light Show this year. 

If you were around here December 2020, you know what happened on the drive to deliver them last year... (and if you weren't around you can catch up HERE)

I'm happy to report that all 9,000 Cupcakes arrived to the venue safely this year. 

(If you'd like to see some behind the scenes pics head over to our Instagram Stories HERE and while you're there if you're not "FOLLOWING" us, would you please head to @somethingplume and click that button?  It helps us out so much, especially this time of year.)

We are so very thankful for this opportunity and even more thankful for the team I have who helped me deliver.  I couldn't be more proud of them.  They worked their tails off.   I also can't quite believe that this time last year 6,000 cupcakes almost did me in and here we are 1-year later and able to increase our productivity by 3,000 cupcakes to deliver all 9,000 Cupcakes ahead of schedule. 

Every.Single.One. made from scratch, iced by real-human hands and loaded into boxes. 

Every.Single.One made with love.

And while I *might* still be in "I'm NEVER doing this again mode" I have faith that just as with childbirth, Lord-willing, the memories of all the hard stuff will be forgotten and we'll be able to look at what we accomplished and He will give us the courage and strength to tackle a similar project again

...maybe in about 11 months.   

But in all seriousness, a huge THANK YOU to Veterans United for all the love they pour into our Community with not only the Joy of the lights themselves, but the treats they provide each and every night by paying us local small businesses and bakers to do what we love to do for you.   

A few highlights of our night...

  • Numerous car loads full of high school and college girls who literally yelled and squealed  with delight when they saw what was in their boxes.
  • All the puppies and fur babies we saw hanging out of car windows.  So, so  many cute doggies!   (NOTE for next year VU...maybe have Lizzie and Rocco's do some fun doggie cookies.)  
  • Entire families who drove through with their MATCHING CHRISTMAS JAMMIES on!  Moms, Dads and Kids alike! 
  • Sharing this experience with not only my Plume family but my hubby, kids and parents who literally came to the rescue this week (See text from my mom...)

My parents drove 6 hours from Louisville on Sunday and arrived at Plume at 8PM to help me bake more cupcakes to be iced on Monday, after we had already baked, iced and boxed the first 4500 cupcakes on Saturday and Sunday.    We didn't leave the shop until almost midnight.   And then we did it all over again on Monday up until delivery time.  

Yep, 48 years old and I still need my mommy and daddy. 

Not a bit ashamed to admit it.

There's a husband, 70-"ish" year old parents, 10 & 13 year old kids, neighbors, friends and over 15 members of my Plume team in this Village.  

Make no mistake.  No one "does it all" alone.

Not sure what I did to deserve this family God gave me.

But I'm so thankful. 

We have about 50 of our Limited Edition "White Christmas" Holiday Boxes left that can be filled with our Holiday Cupcakes.  These will be available for Pre-Order only, while our boxes last.   


Please Specify Pickup Date in Comments at Checkout.  Open Christmas Eve 9AM - 2PM. 
And one last reminder of a few more Holiday Goodies...
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And hours between now and Christmas Eve. 


Here to help you finish your Holiday Shopping Strong!  

Merriest Holiday Wishes!