Winding Down...

What a wonderful break we've had!   After a crazy last few days at the shop before Christmas, we closed for the holiday at 1:00 on Christmas Eve.   

Fast forward to Christmas Day and this was
 We opened gifts with the kids, ate lots of food and hung out on the couch watching Christmas Movies.  Have you seen Jingle Jangle & Klaus on Netflix by the way?  Highly recommend both of them.   
This might be one of my favorite family pictures of the last few years.  I can't tell you how much I love it when all of us are on the couch together, including the dog.   It's my happy place.   

I hope each of you had a good, if unconventional, Christmas.   After much thought we did decide to make a quick last minute visit to my parents.   We hadn't seen them since early September.  They've fared pretty well during the pandemic all things considered but I just wanted and needed to see them. 

It was by no means a normal year with all the extended family.  It was just us and my sister came by for a visit.  Everyone has to make choices for what they're comfortable doing, and while I still can't say I'm 100% comfortable with the decision, it was soooo good to see them and hug them.   We're just praying everyone stays well. 

This is the house I grew up in, where they still live.  All decorated for Christmas...
I don't know anyone who loves Christmas more than my momma.  Every nook & cranny in her house gets decorated.   It's a gift to see it like this. 
We're back home now, and  Plume is back to normal hours this week.
Cupcakes & Popcorn are back in the case this week if you are celebrating a late Christmas or need some for New Years.  If you have visiting family & friends, bring them by.  We'd love to meet them. 

2020 is winding down.  We're finishing strong and looking forward to a steady run in 2021. 

Excited to see all of you and help you spend your Gift Certificates!