Who goes to Hawaii and forgets their bathing suit?! This girl!

Good thing the Target in Kona had a bathing suit section as big as our Target’s entire women’s apparel department here in Columbia. I ended up finding this romper-style suit and girls, it is the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever worn! I loved that I could put it on and not have to put any kind of cover-up on and felt good in it if we went to grab lunch or other activities on the way to the beach.

Here’s one of my favorite family pics from our time there. (And no, I have no idea what my son is up to…this is pretty standard behavior for him during picture taking. What is it with boys?)

But on a more serious note, today was the first day I stepped inside Plume since September 9th. I worked some from Hawaii but if you would have told me 5 years ago that I would ever be in a place where I would feel comfortable leaving my shop for 2 weeks, I’m not sure I would have believed it would be possible.

Five wonderful girls gave their time these last 2 weeks, and they weren’t just any 2 weeks, we had tons of classes and private events booked during the time I was gone, not to mention a Bake Shoppe to run. It was crazy preparing to leave, but the gals did AMAZING! I just feel so blessed! Then I think, “How the heck do I actually have five employees?” Do these women know that I don’t really know how to be a boss? I have so much to learn! But one thing I think I’ve got down is how to find some incredible people. Do you know that when I drove up today they had kindly removed all of my sad little dead geraniums out front and put out all new fall mums and other goodies!

Time with family was wonderful. I was sad that vacation was over but happy to come home to my favorite time of year. I hope this finds you celebrating these first few days of fall as well. I’ll be preparing to see all of you tomorrow when we open back up and relishing this last Wednesday I’ll have “off” for a while. Our fall hours start in October. We’ll be open on Wednesdays, October & November (WAHOO!) and then Tuesdays in December.