December 31, 2019

…One More Day

Just one more day to shop at Plume in 2019.   Open today 10am – 2pm if you need a hostess gift, late Christmas Gift, Cupcakes or Popcorn for your New Years Eve shenanigans.  A quick reminder of our hours for the rest of the week.  Then we’re back to our normal shop hours next week Tuesday thru Saturday.






It has been so nice to have some downtime.  I haven’t personally worked since I locked up on Christmas Eve.

(This was me completely exhausted at the end of a long day, Dec 24) 
I’m a little nervous about what to expect in January, as it will be our first time kicking off the New Year being open 5 days a week.  Normally I look forward to going back to a 3-day schedule after Christmas and using that time to plan and regroup.  But we’ve officially made the move to a 5-day week permanently so it’s time to see how things play out for a full year.Needless to say, if you find yourself in need of Cupcakes, GOPO Gourmet Popcorn, Birthday Gifts, Baby Shower Gifts or any other reason to Gift a Loved One (and even if you don’t need any of those things…feel free to just pop in and say “hello” in the New Year) because we’re here for you.    5.Days.A.Week!


Look at me…already fretting about 2020, when I have SO, SO MANY things to stop and reflect on and be thankful for in 2019!

Here are some notable Plume Highlights this year.

  • We celebrated 53 Babies, Brides and Birthdays in the Gathering Room!    (FYI, the most booked and popular month was June, followed by May)   If you’re wondering… it’s not too soon to reserve your date especially if you are planning a May or June shower.  (You can read more info about our Gathering Room Events HERE.)
  • We finally got a professionally made sign out by the road!
  • We brought over 30 New Makers into our Family!   (WOW!  This number actually surprised me.)  If you’re a Maker and are interested in selling your wares at Plume, you can read more about that HERE.
  • We grew from a team of 6 to 10 (Including me) with 4 New Employees.
  • Along with growing our shop hours by 28%, we grew our sales a whopping 35%.  (This doesn’t happen without YOU.  And we appreciate every single dollar spent!)  In a time where big retail chains are posting losses or seem satisfied with growth of a mere 1-2%…double digit growth in a retail shop is a big deal.  It is worth mentioning that when you’re a small business dealing with relatively small numbers…double digit growth is easier to attain.  Afterall we’re not Target or Magnolia…YET.    And even more impressive than our overall growth, our Cupcake sales actually grew 70% which leads me to my final bullet point…(You  guys love our CUPCAKES!)
  • I put some of those increased sales dollars to use today and ordered my very first BRAND NEW COMMERCIAL OVEN!  (Hello 2019 Year End Tax Write Off)  This is pretty bittersweet for me… as I have to say goodbye to my Little Pink Oven in 2020.  We’ll be baking in it through Jan 25th and then closing the Kitchen & Gathering Room for a few weeks in February to do a small remodel and get the new oven installed.  I’ll share more about that as we get underway.

I love being able to share these things with you, not to boast, but as a way to bring you in and help you see what you’ve been a part of this year as God continues to shape and grow this “little shop that could”.   I consider myself a creative, but in many ways I’m also a numbers gal so seeing the results of our creativity in numeric form is gratifying.  But beyond the numbers…I want you to know.

Every kind word from you has spurred me on.

Every smile as you walk through the door fuels my fire.

Every cupcake & popcorn kernel purchased and enjoyed…

Every gift purchased for a loved one…

Every little treat for yourself  ‘just because”…

Every ounce of delight you found from being in Plume or receiving a gift from Plume…

It all snowballs into one amazing 2019.

I look at how far we’ve come and some days and I’m the most humbled and shocked of all.

Other days…it’s like I’ve always known what was possible, as long as I was where God wanted me.

Today…He seems to be saying, “You’re right where you’re supposed to be”.

We’re rolling into 2020 with so much hope and anticipation for what He’s going to accomplish this year.  And we sure hope you’ll stay on board for the ride.