March 24, 2020

This time last week I knew a closure was looming...but I was hoping to make it through Saturday.  I showed up to the shop on Tuesday morning to open up for the week and everything was just felt odd and out of place I've heard others mention having this feeling walking through empty grocery store aisles except my shop was full of merchandise.  What was missing, wasn't the food and the toilet paper. 

It was my people. 

My team, my makers, my customers. 

I think within a couple of hours I knew we wouldn't make it through the week.   We ended the day Tuesday with above average sales for a Tuesday thanks to some very kind & generous customers but I could no longer justify being open in my heart and it really wasn't about the money at that point.

I wrote last week that it was difficult trying to figure out the the balance that would allow Plume to keep our people safe but still serve our makers and keep the doors open.  But on Tuesday it became clear that there was no longer a way to balance.  
The scales were quickly tipping and for the health and wellbeing of others, I knew I had to close.

Everyone has been so incredibly kind.   It's so hard to put into words what your support means. 

I was literally brought to tears when a regular customer came in while I was out of the shop and spent $300, including buying a $100 gift card.  My neighbor across the street left a note with a $20 bill on my front porch that said "God Will Provide".  When people care enough about you and your "baby" to cheer for you and lay money down to help you, its so humbling.   Quite frankly, it's hard to accept.  

So where am I now?
I'm in a good place.  I want you to know that there are many other small businesses that are not in the same position I'm in.  And if you can only support one small local business...Plume is probably not the one that needs it most.  These are the times when I'm so thankful I've built a business with zero debt.  These are the times when I'm grateful for a generous landlord and a location that allows me to close the doors for awhile and have a little bit of peace.   My hubby is able to work from home (And today is our 18th Wedding Anniversary!) 

We have everything we need.  Food.  Shelter.  Health. 

Plume will come through this. 

Does it stink?  Of course.  Does it feel like I'll be taking about 40 steps backwards.  Absolutely.  When you work for 6 years and finally feel like you have things running on all cylinders, yes it stinks.  People are coming.  Growth is happening.  You're actually able to not only have a team working with you but pay yourself too.  It's gut wrenching when that all comes to a screeching halt. 

I've cried.  

I gave myself a few days to lay low and regroup.

I'm praying.

I assessed the tools and inventory I have on hand.

I gave my website some much needed attention

I got creative and came up with some pretty great discounted product bundles

There are some things out of our control, but the way we respond during adversity is up to us.

What can you expect from Plume this week, and in the coming weeks? 

Plume will be open for Curbside Pick-Up ONLY every Friday from 9 to 11Am

We hope a short car ride, some fresh air & special treats provide a much needed break during this time of Social Distance.   You can place orders by clicking on the image above or keep reading to the end of the email for info on specific menu items. 

If you aren't in the mood for goodies this week or just aren't able to come it's OK!   Another way you can help us is by heading over to Facebook and sharing our Curbside Pickup Event with your friends & family?   Maybe there is someone who hasn't heard of Plume?  We'd love to serve them. 


Assorted Cupcakes 6 Pack Box $11.99
Assorted Cupcakes 1 Dozen Box $22.99

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
Snapped Cheddar
64OZ Bag $7.99, 1 Gallon Bag $14.99

Mixed box of 6 (3 Plain, 3 Chocolate)
Mixed box of 10 (5 Plain, 5 Chocolate)

Assorted Box of 6 $12
Assorted Box of 12 $22

All items can be ordered in one convenient place on our website HERE

Along with our Cupcakes, GOPO and Croissants you may also order anything on our website for curbside pickup at the same time on Fridays. 

If you're looking for a way to stock up on some fun local gifts, our "LOVE LOCAL"  Product Bundle includes 9 amazing locally handmade items that shine the light on some of our favorite Columbia Landmarks.  Item's pictured can be purchased individually, or you may purchase all 9 items  for one low discounted price.  

Check out the full collection HERE.

And if you have nothing but time on your hands...Beth has been super busy putting together TONS of Felt Flower Kits that you can make from home!   


Including kits to make the flowers in our most recent Felt Flower Workshops!  (April workshops are postponed but we think these DIY Kits are the next best thing!)

We're here for you, We're praying for you.  We're trusting our Lord.

...and we're taking this one Friday at a time!