What day is it again?

Goodness friends...I almost went to bed and forgot all about this email tonight!  I haven't been sleeping well.  There's just so much going on.   I normally fall asleep fine, it's the staying asleep...not being able to go back to sleep after waking to use the bathroom at 3:00am.   I can't tell you how many nights I'm awake from 3 - 5 am and then finally manage to fall back asleep after 5am, only to get up at 6 something.   

I know I'm not the only one out there.  Rumor has it this is what happens when you hit your 
mid (dare I say) late 40's?

Today is Monday, our first ever Monday being open. I've been so confused all day.   But the day did not disappoint. 

We're working on an amazing special order that has just knocked my socks off.  I think perhaps this time next week I'll be able to tell you all about it, but for now...just know that it is something that can only come together with the help of an amazing team, and we are giving it all we've got. 
Our December is off to a great start.  We feel your support and it's making a difference!  But more than that, we sincerely hope the handmade gifts you're buying at Plume help your loved ones know how much you care. 

Made with love, chosen with love and given with love. 

Browse our 2020 Holiday Collection HERE
We sold out of these "2020....Summarized" ornaments quickly last week, but Kim has officially RESTOCKED us!   Here's your chance to order,   Free in-store pickup or we will ship.  

ORDER 2020...Summarized HERE

Still time to order MacaronsCupcakesPopcornSugar Cookie Kits & Cookie Boxes...

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Order our favorite, and only local, gourmet popcorn boxes

CHRISTMAS SUGAR COOKIE KITS from Kiss Me Cookies are ready for pickup!  

Each kit contains:
9 Cookies (3 each of 3 different desgins)
4 Royal Icing Colors
3 Kinds of Sprinkles
Kits are $28.99 Each

Kits can be used right away or frozen to be used closer to Christmas.   .

And with that I'll remind you that we have extended hours through Christmas... opening at 9AM each day Monday - Saturday.  
Looking forward to seeing you this week!