What a difference a year makes...

This time last year we were knee deep in demo and remodel of our Bake Shoppe Kitchen.  Closed for the better part of a month including the entire Valentine Treat Rush.  It wasn't planned that way,  but that was when we could get the work done.  So we closed on Jan 25th and prepared for a Valentine season without our sweet little cupcakes.  It was a short term sacrifice for a long term gain.   Closed for about 5 weeks, we opened back up on Feb 27th...only to close again due to COVID on March 17th for 7 more weeks.

What a difference a year has made!  

A new oven that earned it's keep several times over.  

A shiny new kitchen.  

More local bakers coming to share it with us. 
And these...

But before we talk more about our entire Valentine Collection full of goodieslets talk about the Super Bowl this weekend!   Yes you can order treats for that too!  And if you're like me and "not from these parts" maybe you find yourself needing some cute KC gear!  I designed this retro inspired Kansas City shirt for my own sake, and Jeremy is printing them for me as we speak.  Don't worry, I'll share!  You can order yours HERE and they'll be ready for pick-up at Plume starting Thursday.   

Also, new this week...Sweetheart Macarons from MacKenzie's Blakery. 

Available in boxes of 6 our sweetheart flavors include Vanilla, Strawberry, Red Velvet & Raspberry Chocolate.  The perfect Valentine Assortment.    ORDER YOURS HERE!
If you've already ordered your Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit, they are ready to pick-up starting today!  Tuesday Feb 2nd.   If you haven't, order soon as we have limited quantities.   Valentine's Day is on a Sunday, so it's the perfect activity to do at home with your kiddos.   

ORDER  Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits HERE from Kiss Me Cookies...


And when you stop by the shop this week, be sure and grab a double doozie sweetheart cookie from Wishflour Bakery!  They are sooo good. 

Hours this week Tuesday - Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 4.  If you have upcoming events, cupcakes are in the case this week and we'd be happy to fill orders for you! 

Let's Go Chiefs!