To school or not to...

Welp...seems that the school board has decided to postpone the official start of the school year to Sept 8th.  Can I tell you a secret? 

I don't mind extended summer one.little.bit.   

And I know there are so, so many people out there who feel very passionately one way or another about "normal" school, vs. "online" school vs. "hybrid" school (of some kind) but I'm just not one to put too much energy into worrying about "what if" this or that... 

Whatever the school board decides about what school will look like after the delay, I believe will be a tough decision.  I believe they want what is best for all our kids.  I'll respect it and trust God to give me the grace to manage. 

For now he is saying "wait"...and I can't help it...I just don't mind.   Summer always seems to go by so dang fast...

My parents got to come for their first visit since January this past weekend.  It was so, so good to see them!  There has been much playing of Old Maid, Coloring, and just hanging out.  


Even Charlie was so happy to see Gee Gee!

(Somehow I missed getting any pictures of my dad!)

It will be hard to top last weekend with them...but this weekend...we're bringing CURBSIDE BACK! 

Actually it never actually left, but we haven't emphasized it as much since we've been back open.  But we know there are still so many of you who aren't able to come in the shop.  We thought it would be fun this week to do another big CURBSIDE push

Have anything fun going on this weekend?   

No need for a special occasion, you can treat your people...just because.

Cupcakes?  Popcorn?   Macarons? 


Or maybe you want to make a great breakfast for your fam with
some farm fresh eggs
and local honey on your biscuits?

And maybe you'd like to set the table with some fun cloth napkins
And some fresh flowers??
 I'll be back  behind the counter a bit more these next couple weeks so stop by! 
Would love to see all of you!