February 4, 2020

It seems like a total party foul to not mention the Chiefs here, although I can’t honestly claim to be a fan.  I mean I don’t dislike them by any means,  I’m just not into Pro Sports.  Perhaps growing up in Kentucky where there are no pro teams didn’t allow for it to be “ingrained” in me from an early age.  I’m a college sports gal.  Love them.  But who can’t help but fall in love with Patrick Mahomes?  I mean he’s practically still young enough to be in College isn’t he?   And how cute is Andy Reid?  Even I was jumping and cheering as they were making their come back at the end.  I also happen to love underdogs…so maybe I’ve been won over?

The kitchen remodel is moving along great!  Demo and some new construction were done last week and my electrician and plumber are there today and tomorrow.  Aside from almost passing out when I saw the bid from my plumber, things have gone really well.  He assures me he’s accounted for “worst case scenario” in his bid and so hopefully things go smoothly and we end up with “best case scenario” and a much lower final bill.    I’m so thrilled with the progress and the vision I see taking shape.

Since 2017 I’ve chosen a word of the year… How about you?   My 2020 word “came to me” in the fall and I’ve been meditating on it for about 4 months.  I wanted to share it with my team before I went public with it and I was finally able to do that in a little get together this past Saturday.   (Don’t ask why it took me until February…that’s just how it goes around here).    Before I share it ,here’s a recap of my past words…

2017  Grit (and I also used Soften)
2018 Steadfast
2019 Delight

The word I choose each year tends to have double significance for me.  A word that helps me stay focused on my goals at the shop, but it also needs to be a word that will point me toward God.

My 2020 words is…


In 2008 when I was on bedrest with my twins I struggled with some pretty severe episodes of panic and anxiety.  I memorized this scripture and would lay in bed at night when I couldn’t sleep, reciting it over and over in my head.

It is still sacred to me.  I still reach for it in times of fear or double.  He is my help.  I want to always lift  my eyes UP.  It wasn’t until recetly the last phrase really hit me.

In a shop full of the most creative Makers, it is comforting to me that the Ultimate Maker leads the way.  He made me, He gave me the desire to also create, I am molded and shaped after Him.Not only do I want to be reminded to LOOK UP,  I want to (NEED TO) be reminded of why I do what I do.  To LIFT UP others.  Our Customers, my employees, our makers.

I’m reminded of this song from the Mary Poppins remake..

How about you?   Do you tend to fill your balloon with positivity?   Or are you tempted to fill it with negative thoughts and fears?  Do you have someone you can turn to?  A mentor?  Someone who helps you float and rise up?  Someone who’s sleeve you can hang onto when times are hard and you need to be lifted up?  I hope you do, and if you don’t…come by the shop and we’ll have a good chat over the counter.

Final thoughts today as I focus on the word UP.

I love looking at the literal definitions of words.

As much as I want to LOOK UP and LIFT UP,  I can’t help but feel like this is the year we are truly going to SPRING UP.   Baby Plume is growing!   We have so much momentum and I continue to be encouraged by all of you,and I thank you!   All last year I felt like we were on a bubble.  I’m so excited to see where that bubble takes us in 2020.

I love this little shop…there’s no where to go but UP.

Thank you friends,

Come shop with us Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 6pm.  Saturdays 10am – 4pm.

P.S.  There is still time to sign up for Valentine Cookie Decorating… Feb 14th at 10am.   School is out that day and this would be such a fun Mother-Daughter morning together.    Hop over to the website HERE to sign up NOW!