October 8, 2019

Jeremy and I aren’t from here.   We didn’t go to school here.  We aren’t Tiger Fans from birth, but instead by choice.  Don’t get me wrong, I still bleed red for the University of Louisville (where I graduated from) but Louisville isn’t really a college town.  It’s great, but its big and spread out and so much else going on outside of the University you just don’t really get that college town feel.


I lived at home for much of my 4 years in school and even became somewhat of a non-traditional student in my last 2 years, taking primarily night classes while I worked almost full-time during the day.  This wasn’t really out of necessity, I was fortunate that my parents paid my tuition and books and I graduated completely debt free, but I was a bit too sensical for my own good at the time.

“Why would I throw all that money away on rent when I could be saving for a house?”  (I was, in fact, saving for a house and by the time I graduated at 22, bought my first, all by myself. It was a major fixer-upper, mind-you, but that’s another story for another day…)

I think that’s why I love Homecoming Week so much.  Not going away to college myself, I love getting caught up in the excitement of a college town, calling all of it’s people home.  I love being downtown for the parade.   I love the campus.  I love the football game.  And not to mention, just another reason to celebrate fall.

Here are a few pics from our first Homecoming with the twins in 2009, right before they turned one…

We used our bike trailer as a stroller for the parade.  (It was tiger striped…)

Chance has always been a Ham…


And then here we are in 2011, the year Anni was born…

There are times, like this week, when I get nostalgic and wonder if I missed out on a significant chapter of my life (and likely loads of fun, memories and mischief) by not going away and having more of a “college experience”.  I see friends reuniting for the Homecoming Festivities and I wonder…  But then I snap out of it and know that all of my life’s decisions and paths have brought me to where I am now.

And that, friends, is a very good place.

What about you?  Are you welcoming your people home this week?  We’d love to meet them in the shop, so bring them by to say hello.   We’re excited to celebrate this Homecoming week with all of you.

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Have a great Tuesday, folks. See you in the shop today at 10am!

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