The Gathering Room

When Plume was just an idea in my head…I knew I wanted not just a place where women could shop for “pretty somethings”, but a place where women could gather with one another. Welcome to the Gathering Room. In many ways, this is the heart of Plume. IMG_3030 In October we hosted our first baby shower. Since then we’ve hosted open houses, artist socials, King’s Daughters, book clubs, support for women with infertility and baby loss, cloth diapering classes, glitter gatherings, a time of prayer for a friend with cancer. This past weekend I had the privilege of helping some sweet girls host a bridal shower. Say Hello to Jordyn. IMG_3013 She’s the pretty gal in pink right in the middle of all these ladies. My first memory of Jordyn as a customer at Plume...she came in some time last year with her friend Amber shortly after they had both gotten engaged. They both bought a set of vintage toasting glasses for their wedding receptions similar to these. IMG_3021 It makes me happy that these young women have an appreciation for things with a story. Who knows what romantic moments those glasses had witnessed? I love that Plume could help make Jordyn’s special day more special. I love playing a part in passing treasures on to the next generation…where they are given a role in a new story. And now…Jordyn’s wedding is almost here! I am so honored and excited that her friends chose Plume for her shower. It's been a blessing to have Jordyn as a repeat customer over the last year and to hear little bits and pieces of her wedding story. Here are a few pics from Jordyn’s shower. Her friends brought in some cute DIY decorations, goodies, games and a fun Mimosa Bar. I think you could say everyone enjoyed themselves. IMG_3014 IMG_3016 IMG_3015 IMG_3018 IMG_3017 We gather for many reasons. Some include laughter and decorations and colorful drinks. Some include long hugs and tears. Whatever your need, I'm thankful for this space to share with you. "For where two or more gather in my name, there am I among them." -Matthew 18:20 For more information on using the Gathering Room for your next small event…go here.