The G.O.A.T. Party...

I've been at the shop painting all day.  I think I mentioned we're remodeling our checkout area and we're in the home stretch!   Our new custom built upper cabinets were installed a few weeks ago and today I painted all the lower cabinets.  They'll be formally installed along with a new 16 foot custom built counter top next week and I can't wait!    

For over 7 years, I've piece milled that entire checkout area with so many different things.  When I very first opened, my pink stove and fridge sat back there.  (This was before we added the 2nd unit and then we moved the stove into the "kitchen" where we were actually able to bake in it.) 

This is opening week standing behind the counter in 2013.   Believe it or not, almost everything in this picture is still in the shop somewhere, just being used in a different way (but thank goodness those yellow walls are long gone!).  The pink stove and fridge are in the Bake Shoppe Kitchen.  We still use the fridge as our "hostess fridge" for events and the little pink stove just sits in there looking cute.   I wish I could show you pictures of every version of our checkout area we've created over time so you could fully appreciate this new remodel...It's been a true work in progress. 

And now, you're not going to believe this, (I can hardly believe it myself)...

We added a giant 65" TV to the back wall that will serve as our signage and menu board (I never would have thought of this you can thank my hubby for this one).  I struggled with it at first because I never really want anything that appears too high tech... but it really did make total sense the more I thought about it.  We have so many events, workshops (YES WORKSHOPS ARE COMING BACK IN SEPTEMBER!) and various menus for all our yummy food items and have struggled at how best to share this with guests in the shop for awhile now.    

I've been designing the slides for it all week and it debuts in the shop today!

We'd love for you to stop by and give some feedback on A) whether you like it or not and B) is it helpful and does it communicate the things you want to know about when you're in the shop?

Not only has today been a looooong day, last week was super busy.

We celebrated Anni's 10th Birthday with family the week of the 21st, but this past weekend we got to have her "friend party" and I took all the girls to Goat Yoga.  It was everything I hoped it would be!   Super fun, beautiful weather, lots of baby goat cuddles and girl giggles.  

If you haven't heard of Goat Yoga, it is exactly what it sounds like.  It's Yoga... with goats.  The yoga itself is very basic beginner yoga, but still relaxing.   The goats are there for the fun.  We were extra entertained as all the new spring babies were out and about.  Enough baby goats for all of the girls to hold one.    You can find out more about Four Oaks Farm & Goat Yoga of Missouri on their Facebook pages.   

(My biggest mom fail of the day was neglecting to put sunscreen on both Anni and myself.  I had it packed, but in the excitement of our arrival and anxiousness to get out there with the goats, I forgot!  Poor girl she got burned and I felt horrible.)

Mother's Day is only 5 Days Away!

We're excited to help you love on your mom's and all the other special ladies in your life.  We know that Mother's Day is hard for some of you, and we want to be here for you too.  Many of our sweetest gifts this season are not "Mom" or "Mothers Day" specific in honor of all the many women in your life, not just moms.

We love these Cookie Bouquet Boxes from Kiss Me Cookies.  Each box contains 5 beautiful & delicious decorated sugar cookie Tulips...perfect for gifting. 

We also have put together a very Limited Edition (We only have 7!)  gift basket.  We love that the tags say "To the Most Beautiful Person",making them perfect for so many of the women in your life.  Moms, sisters, daughters, friends, aunts, grandmas, teachers...

Gift baskets are filled with 7 of our favorite items, gathered in a handmade felt flower adorned basket from Heartgrooves Handmade.  Beth has also created the most lovely gift tags for the baskets.   Each basket has a retail value of $124 and we are offering for $99. 

And we're happy to have Joan from Cultivate Co. back this year with gorgeous fresh spring bouquets... as well as these amazing DIY Grow Your Own Cut Garden Baskets 

Now Taking Graduation Cupcakes Orders
...all school colors available! 

If you have a Graduate to celebrate, we'd love to help you!   Our Bake Shoppe "Grad Trio" Cupcakes includes Chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry Cupcakes topped with your school's sprinkle colors.   (All colors available!)

So many other great gifts in the shop this week...and our bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacaronscookies and gourmet popcorn too!   

Looking forward to seeing you!