The "Cutest"...

I spent today ordering (or attempting to order) all kinds of things we're needing around the shop.  When you hear about "supply chain issues" and see all the cargo ships on the news just floating around at sea unable to port or's real.  We're feeling it all the way in Columbia, Missouri.

You name it. 

It's either unavailable or the price has gone up substantially.  Paper shopping bags, the paper raffia ribbon we use for our gift bags, bolts of fabric we order for our handmade baby blankets, bibs and burp cloths and pillow forms among other things.  One fabric I normally order in 50 Yard bolts, and last ordered in March, needed to be reordered.  The price has increased 42%.  Many of our local makers here in Columbia and at Plume are having similar issues. 

The positive side of this situation is that our business continues to grow. 

We're so thankful for you and love having you in our shop.  Because of your support our inventory turn over is increasing, meaning we're selling more and need to restock more often to keep the shop filled with meaningful and beautiful goods. 

When I started Plume I worked exclusively with local makers, including what I make and design myself.  I love it. I've been blessed by this business model.  And I hope our makers and customers would say they've been blessed by our relationships as well.  But in the last 8 years, I've also learned that not all makers are business owners, nor have a desire to be.  Not all makers can scale and produce inventory.   Some makers are artists first.  They're motivated by the creative process and the thrill of creating something new and unique.  They don't function well in production mode; creating the same thing over and over again.    We have all kinds of makers at Plume.  Professional business owners all the way down to occasional crafters and hobbyists. 

Maybe you can see where I'm going with this...

I remember talking with Jeremy a few years ago and he mentioned most businesses who survive 5 years have a business model that doesn't look anything like what they started with. By the time we closed our doors on Christmas Eve 2020 I looked around and I had never seen the shop so bare.   I realized if I wanted to continue to grow, I wouldn't be able to continue working exclusively with local makers.   

No matter how much I may want to.

Columbia is doing great things to help our local makers grow their businesses with The Loop and COMO Makes projects, and I hope to work with many of these local businesses to sell their goods when they're ready for market.  But I also need to give my self the option and the grace to start seeking products from other small businesses outside of Columbia and possibly even outside of Missouri when necessary.   

And I have...

I've found so many great small businesses like Freshwater Design Co in Augusta, GA.  Inklings Paperie from Plymoth, MI,  Gladfolk from Wooster, Ohio and Little Things Studio from Nashville, TN.  We are so thrilled to be able to bring these small businesses to you here in Columbia.   These businesses are owned by moms, sisters, husbands and wives who are working hard to support their families. The difference is they ARE businesses.  And while they're still small, they've already figured out how to scale the production of their products and this allows me to have an additional stream of inventory into the shop when I need to fill in some spaces.  

I hope you'll come by and and Ooh and Aah over their products soon! 

In the meantime...our very first EVER Graze Charcuterie workshop is THIS THURSDAY.   Carrie and her boards are the "cutest" 

It's sold out, but we are thrilled to open up a 2nd workshop for sign-ups on Thursday October 28th! 
We have also opened up our next Cookie Decorating Workshop for Thursday October 14th 6PM.

Sign up HERE

And just a few spots left for Felt Flowers on Thursday October 7th. 

Sign up HERE

ORDER GAME DAY GOODIES NOW!    Home games the next 2 weeks!

Saturday October 2nd 11AM vs. Tennessee

Saturday October 9th 3PM vs. North Texas (AND IT'S HOMECOMING!!!)

 The bakery case is loaded with cupcakesmacarons & classic cookies but ordering ahead will help us better plan our production this week.  Stop by and for more Gifts & Goodies. 
See you in the shop this week!