Three BIG Events

If you're short on time and don't care to hear about how I spent my week last week, real quickly there are 3 big events you should know about.  
  • National Popcorn Day is WEDNESDAY!  Join us all day from 10 - 6 for BOGO GoPo Snack Cups while supplies last.   But trust us, we have A LOT of popcorn! 
  • Plume T Shirt Blitz!  All Plume tees up to 25% off all week long. 
  • Pillow Palooza!   All Pillow covers up to 25% off all week long. 
We hope you'll come see us and grab some of our favorite goods at a sweet deal. And if you're still here and want to keep reading... 
Remember last week when I said I just wanted to stay in January and sit still for awhile?  Someone heard me.  I sat still in my house ALL WEEK with my 7th Grade Twins who tested Positive for Covid.    Thankfully they're both vaccinated and their symptoms were very mild.  My 5th grader, Jeremy and I all tested Negative this weekend and never developed symptoms so I feel very fortunate. 


The worst part was my parents were supposed to come for the weekend and we had to cancel.  Not only was it going to be our "Christmas" but my mom's birthday is TODAY!  We were looking forward to celebrating all weekend.  STUPID COVID.

Happy Birthday Momma! 

Having a booster meant I didn't have to technically quarantine, but fortunately I had a good team lined up last week so I chose to just work from home and stay out of the shop, and play it safe.   I still neglected to get the Christmas Tree taken down.  Honestly, I've just been enjoying the lights (I really didn't get to do that much before Christmas...) and I simply haven't been motivated to take it down.)  

Long story short, I didn't mind the week at home and I got so much done!
  • 1099's  (CHECK!)
  • W2's  (CHECK!)
  • February Work Schedule (CHECK!)
  • Weekly Email (CHECK!)
  • Year End Inventory (CHECK!)
  • And embarrassingly...about 6 months of credit card statements reconciled
I always PAY my credit card bills, containing all my shop expenses for the month, in full.  But I LOATHE reconciling the expenses in Quickbooks so it's an easy thing for me to put off until it's absolutely necessary. 

Tax Time is here, so it's necessary!  

One tidbit I figured out doing my year end Inventory is that there are a few things in the shop that I have a bit too much of for this time of year.   This is new for me.  Starting out primarily with a consignment model 8 years ago and now transitioning more to a model that is closer to 50% Consignment Inventory and 50% Store Owned Inventory makes it a bit trickier to manage.   

On top of our local consignors, I've been thankful to transition many of my local makers to purchasing outright from them, so I actually "own" the inventory.  They get paid up front and I think it works well for both of us once we've established a proven sales history together. 

Then there are all the things I personally design and have made (t-shirts, pillows, baby goods, etc.)  that sometimes are easy to "get out of control with".  I love buying pillow fabrics!  I love designing tees and Jeremy prints them for me so sometimes its all a bit too "convenient".

This realization culminated into a couple of pretty sweet deals this week!  (That just so happen to coincide with National Popcorn Day...So friends you're in for a Triple Treat!)


25% Off All Plume Tee's & Select Sweatshirts
In Store & On-line  
(Excludes Chicory & Haute JS Design) 
  • 25% Off All Pillow Covers (Excluding Sale Items)

Make sure to Come on Wednesday and you'll get the added bonus of Celebrating National Popcorn Day with GOPO! 
BOGO GoPo Snack Cups all day Wednesday Jan 19th while Supplies Last.  Limit (3) Free Cups per customer. 
If you've missed the last couple weeks, here is our upcoming workshop schedule! 
with Heartgrooves Handmade
Thursday February 3rd 6:00 PM (4 SPOTS LEFT!)
Saturday February 5th 10:00AM (6 SPOTS LEFT!)
$69 Per Person

with Kiss Me Cookies
Thursday February 10th 6:00 PM (8 SPOTS LEFT)
Saturday February 12th 10:00AM (8 SPOTS LEFT)
$69 Per Person

with Graze by Carrie
Thursday January 27th 6:30 PM (SOLD OUT!)
Saturday January 29th 10:00 AM (SOLD OUT!)
(Stay tuned for more upcoming dates in late February)

And if you happen to need cupcakes for an upcoming event, place your order for pickup every Tuesday - Saturday.  
Please Specify Pickup Date in Comments at Checkout.  
If you need a gift for babies, birthdays and other fun events, we'd love to help you.  Come on out for a visit!

Looking forward to seeing you this week!