October 29, 2019

Turning 6.

I got all nostalgic about turning 6 last week…


This week I’m too tired and there are too many things to do to stop and reflect.

PSA: Don’t ever decide to open a shop on YOUR OWN Birthday.  It means you’re always going to be working your BUTT off on YOUR BIRTHDAY because you want to do some kind of big promo/sale/etc. to celebrate each year…and that mean’s lots of prep and planning…and actual work.  Who doesn’t want to be in their shop on it’s Anniversary?  But who also really wants to work on their own Birthday?

(For those of you who’re new here, Plume was my 40th Birthday Present to myself.  Our opening day was November 1st, 2013…which was my 40th birthday. So if you do the math, yes I’m turning 46 this Friday November 1st and baby Plume turns 6).

I thought it was a grand idea at the time.   But now, I’m really kicking myself.

Have I also mentioned that my twin’s birthdays are October 30th.  And since my twins are Boy/Girl and they are now 11…we can no longer get away with shared birthday parties so this week, on top of everything I have still ahead of me, I have already planned and hosted not 1, BUT 2, 11 Year Old Birthday Parties (and it’s only Monday mind you…)

I put up about 10 Christmas Trees in the shop today…

And then let’s just throw in Halloween and the class parties for the fun of it.

Why on earth did I not open my shop in July or August when there is literally NOTHING ELSE GOING ON???

For the kid’s parties, the girl child wanted to go to the Mud Room and paint pottery.  (They’ve moved by the way and are no longer on Walnut street, but now on 9th.  I like the new location a lot!)   So we took 7 little ladies to do just that.

It was calm and sweet and organized…and Rainbow themed.

(yes those are Hyvee Cupcakes up there…she had to have the whipped icing from Hyvee…)


The Boy Child decided on Midway Golf & Games.  So we took 7 boys + our 2 girls for Go Cart riding + Laser Tag show down.

This was soooo fun!   I highly recommend the Laser Tag.  It was a little chilly today so you may have to wait until better weather, but we managed to squeeze it in.  It’s an outdoor course full of obstacles and hiding places.

(But after my husband drove the 7 boys in my car…I fear it may never smell the same again.)

And now here I am at 10:02PM sitting down to write…

I’m actually still at the shop tonight because I had to make a few last supply runs so that we can BAKE A TON OF CUPCAKES THIS WEEK.  I also just personally mixed up about 10 batches of chocolate cupcakes (just the dry ingredients so that it’s easy to just dump them in the mixing bowl and add the wet when we’re ready…)

Don’t forget!   This Friday November 1st (because it is our 6th Birthday!)  We’re selling our Cupcake 6-packs for $6!!   We did a similar special last year when we turned 5 and sold out before lunch time.  So we are trying really hard to double what we bake, but we’re down 1 baker this week due to a family illness… which is why it’s all hands on deck and I’m here after 10PM tonight.   (I’m afraid if I go  home now I won’t be able to force myself to sit down at the computer and will just crawl to the bed instead).    We sure hope you’ll come celebrate with us!   And if you’re coming, please RSVP HERE.


Also this Friday, November 1st We’ll be opening at 7am again for our weekly Friday Morning Pastry Pop-up.

PLEASE NOTE:  While we are opening at 7AM for Croissants, Cupcakes will not be ready until our normal opening time of 10AM.  

You may place your order for Croissants or Macarons by replying to this email with your Name, Phone Number and what you would like to order.  Orders may be paid for at Pick-up.  We apologize for any inconvenience but we will not be accepting pre-orders for cupcake 6-Pack specials.  Limit 1 per person, first come first served so that as many of our sweet customers as possible can benefit from this special.   Additional 6-packs may be purchased at regular prices.  Croissants will be ready at 7AM, and can be picked up anytime Friday between 7am-6pm.   (But trust me, you’d rather pick them up early and eat them while they’re still warm!)


Thank you all so much for 6 amazing years!
We look forward to celebrating with you this week,