Thanks + Giving

Taking a break from Holiday Planning today to think about these two words.  

Thanks:  kindly or grateful thoughts; an expression of gratitude

Giving:  to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation

Being thankful is a state of mind.  

It says so right in the definition.   

It begins with your thoughts.   

Your thoughts lead to an expression...a giving of words.

The lasting effects of words can be a day...or a lifetime. 

I'm the first to admit my thoughts & words don't always flow from a thankful heart. 

My giving is not always without expectations.

But I want it to be.

So today...this week...seems like a good day to right my mindset...and pray for a life that reflects Thanks + Giving. 

We'll be spending Thanksgiving with Jeremy's family and hope you're also with those you love, whether by blood or by choice. 

...and then FRIDAY & SATURDAY we're ready for you! 

We're grateful for the support you give us, not just on Black Friday & Small Biz Sat, but all year long.   When you shop at Plume, you not only support my small business, you support the small businesses and dreams of over 100 small business makers in Columbia and beyond.

We're Making Spirits Bright this holiday season with a FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday.
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The Plume Holiday Bake Shoppe is OPEN! 
Pre-order all your Holiday Treats for pickup every Monday - Saturday in December.  Please help us manage our baking by Ordering as Early as Possible.   We cannot promise what will be available on a given day for Walk-In's during the month of December. 

May we always help you give love and joy, through the gifts you find here.
Thank you friends!