August 6, 2019

Good Stuff Coming Up…

After having my kids home for a week, this morning I actually drove down to Camdenton and loaded them into the care with Jeremy’s parents for yet another fun week…this time with Nana & Papa.  I think I’ve touted the grandparents on both sides of our families in the past but we really did hit the Jackpot here.   Not having family in Columbia, we’ve never had the ability of just picking up the phone and asking for help if we had an unexpected sick child or needed to go to an appointment without kids.  Don’t get me wrong, if there was ever anything serious they would get in the car and drive in an instant, but we don’t typically have help with just the day to day needs that come with raising 3 kids.

What we do get is more in depth time with them because when they come visit they stay for several days which my kids love, and then my kids always get to go stay with them in the summer without mom and dad, which I’m pretty sure is the definition of Heaven to them.  Both of our parents are still healthy and active enough to not only care for our kids but to truly engage with them and keep them entertained.  It’s good timing because I’m able to finish up some projects around the shop and cover a few shifts for the girls who are off this week.

Today I opened a much anticipated box… My first shipment of The Wolf Wants In by local author Laura McHugh.

I’ve been so blessed to get to know her as a customer in the shop, a neighbor and also mother to one of my daughter’s friends.   I loved her first two books, The Weight of Blood and Arrowood so much (and we do have them in the shop too!)  Laura has received international acclaim for her work and we are so excited to be able to host a book signing for her this Friday Aug 8th from 5-7PM and sure hope you can come meet her.    We’ll have cupcakes, wine & good company!   You can pre-order the book and RSVP for the event towards the end of this email.

See you soon friends!