Team Boo Hoo or Team Yahoo?

Team Boo Hoo or Team Yahoo? 
I have a 6th Grader! 

Dropped her off this morning for Jump Start with her friends and she had a great day!  They were ready. 

Are you team Boo Hoo?  Or Team Yahoo?  (I'm a little bit of both!)   I'm aware of the passing of time and on some days I grieve that.  But then other's I'm just ready to get back to routine and taking care of business.  (Today that meant going promptly home and covering up all the gray hairs evident in above photo!)

If you're the momma of a Kindergartener, your first day is coming this Thursday!  You still have time to grab these adorable First & Last Day Pennant Flags to capture all your pictures Thursday. 

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If you have the time and you'd like to see what else we've been up to...keep reading!  If you're in a hurry, skip ahead to the end and checkout what's happening with  upcoming workshopsbake shoppe goodies , and other fun merch collections we've been working on.
The First Home Mizzou Game is one week from Thursday! 
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