Stepping Back In...

Stepping Back In...

This past Saturday morning we had so many Mizzou Graduation Cupcake orders (thanks to all of YOU!) I got to step back into the Bake Shoppe and help out.  I have three sweet girls who rotate through the kitchen but a couple of them were previously scheduled off for Saturday Morning, and our order volume was high, so when that happens...guess who the the back up girl is?      

It's good for me to grab a pipping bag every so often to keep my skills sharp.    It's also helpful for me to be able to re-evaluate work flow and how we do things because sometimes it leads to discoveries (like, why are we doing things this way?) that lead to change because our old processes no longer make sense. 

Whenever I find myself behind the counter helping customers, I frequently get asked..."Do you make the cupcakes yourself?"  To which I pleasantly answer, "No, thankfully I have a team in charge of that."  But I never want to be able to NOT make the cupcakes if I have to in a pinch. 

All that being'll find me in the Bake Shoppe again this Saturday Morning for Round 2!  (It's actually a blessing that Mizzou and the High Schools do not graduate the same could be a bit difficult to meet the demand!)


Don't worry about the "2021"...we have plenty of 2022 decor and sprinkles available in all High School Colors.  Still time to order for pick-up this Friday or Saturday May 20-21.  But Hurry!   We may have to cut orders off but will do our best. 

We're honored to be a small part of your BIG days!  

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See you Soon!