Just a quick check-in with you, friends, to let you know we're open normal hours all this week, through Saturday for any last minute Easter needs you might have, including picking up your Easter CupcakesMacarons and other goodies.  Still time to order Cupcakes!

I'll personally be in the shop most of the week covering for the majority of our team who are traveling for Spring Break, so if you too are having a Stay-cation stop by and visit me!  I'd love to see you. 

Jeremy is taking some time off and we're having our own little stay-cation here and there when we can!  We took a fun bike ride from McBaine to Rocheport today with friends and had lunch at Meriwether.   Have you been there?  It's soo good!  I must say my bum is sore!  That is quite the ride, for the first ride of the season.   Normally we work our way up to that one...but today was the Day!  

Even though I'm working, it's nice for me to be able to sleep in a bit too and not have to get the kids up and off to school.  So it really does still fill like a bit of a break around here.   And I've said before, being at the shop really isn't like work to me.  I love it.   

I'll leave you with some peeks at Heartgrooves Handmade Felt Flowers and Easter Baskets, Easter Signs and other goodies...So do come by! 

Have a great Week!