Stand Tall...

Our Spring Open House was amazing!   

We got to spend time with all of you, handed out lots of Cupcakes & GOPO, sold lots of goods for our Makers, gave away $100 Gift Certificate to one lucky guest...

...And thanks to all of you who shopped, we have a very sizeable donation were handing over to Special Olympics Missouri this week.  Sarah (the Athlete we're supporting) is coming by the shop later this week to pick up the check and I'll share more about that then.  

It was a great week. 

It's easy to forget about what's going on in the world across the ocean when you're busy and working on a project like I was last week, but Saturday night after the last customer was gone and I came home...and turned on the news, it smacks you in the face again. 

Still so very, very sad what is happening in the Ukraine.   I can't pretend to understand all the political ins and outs and why we can or can't do this or that.   But I know my mama heart breaks when I see babies injured and killed.  And that's why we're working with Katie Minion from Doodle Station to do what we can to raise funds for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine.   

Did you know the Sunflower is the National Flower of Ukraine?  Katie drew this beautiful sunflower image and wrapped the stem in a banner that symbolizes the colors of Ukraine. 

These stickers are $5 each and 100% of the proceeds will go to Aid in Ukraine via Global Giving.   I took a leap of faith and purchased 100 of these from Katie, whether or not I sell them, I feel good about knowing that $500 is on the way (along with over $500+ more Katie has raised by selling these through her Etsy shop). 

Pre-orders were taken and the stickers arrived today!  

If you've already pre-ordered stickers are ready for pickup at Plume.  As of now we have 58 of the 100 left to sell.  If you'd like one, you can order HERE.   Or just swing by the shop and grab one while they last. 

If you weren't able to make it to the Open House last week, we hope you'll be able to stop by over the next couple of weeks.  Maybe you're having a Staycation for Spring Break?  Or have visiting friends or family?  

We have a couple of fun workshops coming up in April... Grab a friend and join us!

  "UNWIND" Workshop
Unwind is a DIY Workshop where you'll learn how to make your own glycerin soap, bath salts & lip balms, taught by Caitlin Nichols from Mother Hen Soaps.  You'll get to choose colors, scents and other nutrient additives for your products to personalize them for your skin type.

UNWIND WORKSHOP  (DIY Soaps, Bath Salts & Lip Balms)
with Caitlin from Mother Hen Soaps
Learn all about the different kinds of soaps and nutrients you can add to them when you make them yourself. 
Each Guest will take home:
2 bars of Glycerin Soap
2 Lip Balms
Bag of Bath Salts
Saturday April 9th 6PM  (12 Spots Available!)
$69 Per Person

with Heartgrooves Handmade
Thursday April 21st 6PM  
$69 Per Person

with Graze by Carrie
Thursday April7th 6PM  SOLD OUT!  
$69 Per Person
Stay tuned for May Dates

Happy to help fill all your cupcake orders this week also!   Place your order for pickup every Tuesday - Saturday.
Please Specify Pickup Date in Comments at Checkout.  

If you need a gift for brides, birthdays or babies this week, stop in.
Have a great Week!