Spring Open House Day One Recap...

If you came to the Open House today, Thank You so much!  What a beautiful day and it was so great to see everyone.  I've learned over the last couple years of hosting our Ticketed Events, that you Thursday folks are serious about your Open House time.   I loved seeing groups of friends come together or meeting up at the shop.  We had gals coming from or heading to lunch or dinner afterwards.   

Such a good thing to make time to enjoy your friends, and we're honored Plume helps facilitate those times.

We had these precious best friends Nancy & Donna (they've been best friends for 65 years!!)  and I loved every minute of their time in the shop. 

(Nancy, you made the email!!!) 

But I also love those of you who come by yourself.  Some of you are tired.  Some of you have hard things going on and you choose to give yourself a break and come wander through the shop for some peace and quiet.   May Plume always be a place of inspiration and refuge for you!   

Thank you Thursday Friends! 

If you weren't able to come by today and don't yet have a ticket for Friday or Saturday, the good news is we still have Plenty of Tickets available for Tomorrow (FRIDAY) during all time slots and some available for Saturday.  It's not too late to join us!   Historicaly Friday's are typically a little slower and then we ramp up again for a busy Saturday.   
We'd love as many people to come by as possible because we're raising money for Special Olympics this year too!  10% of all sales Thursday - Saturday will benefit Sarah Byland, 30 Year Special Olympics Hall of Famer and her journey to represent Missouri at the National Special Olympics in June.

Sarah's mom Jeanie is one of our Makers (and also a local business owner) and the wreaths she makes and sells also go to help fund Sarah's Special Olympics journey. 

One of our most frequently asked questions...
"What happens if someone shows up without a ticket?  Do you turn them away?"

No, of course not.  That would be a super-downer rude thing to do!   

We have customers who come by every day to pick up orders of Cupcakes and other Bake Shoppe Goods, and there are always those who stop in who have no clue we're even having an Open House, it may even be their first time coming by Plume.  

So what do we do? 

We have enough "wiggle room" in our ticketed schedule to allow walk-ins through out the day.   Long story short, if you don't have a ticket...please still come by!   We'll give you an opportunity to purchase a ticket at the door, but you don't have too, in order to come in. 

The tickets allow us to plan for our Goodies and Giveaways to make sure we have enough.  So No Ticket, No Free Goodies & Perks...but yes you can still come.   Here's a reminder of why you actually WANT a ticket.

$10 Ticket Perks: 

  • 45 Minutes of Spring Cheer & Shopping in a fun, safe environment
  • $10 Plume Shopping Coupon (your full ticket price applied back to any purchase made during the Open House!)
  • Individually Boxed Plume Bake Shoppe Cupcake 

  • Favor Cup of GOPO Grasshopper Pie

  • Entry into our Grand Prize Giveaway - $100 Plume Gift Certificate
We're also doing a special gift with Purchase of any Adult Tee or Sweatshirt, you'll receive a FREE SHOWER STEAMER!    Anyone who purchases a tee or sweatshirt is eligible...no ticket required.  
Thank you again friends...looking forward to two more fun-filled busy days!