Something To Celebrate...

...they will come.
You would think after being closed 7 weeks I would have been prepared to open back up last week. 

I wasn’t.

The Gathering Room had been turned into a fulfillment and shipping center. Merchandise was in disarray where we had been pulling it off the sales floor in response to orders. There was no “redo” of the shop in anticipation of your arrival. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Would people actually want to come in and shop?

As a shop owner, I know Mother's Day week is historically our busiest week of the first half of the year. But we all know that the past is certainly no way to plan for the future in this “corona season”.  I think I was preparing myself for zero walk in customers and was just excited to have my team back to help me answer the phone and get the shop back in shape and to be able to say “Yes, we’re open!” Needless to say, it was a super busy week.   I think I personally worked over 70 hours.

We opened...and you came.

When we closed on March 18th we didn't have "curbside service".  And we had a very humble website that was mainly used to allow people to sign up for workshops and order a few cupcakes.  We weren't selling much merchandise online and were shipping even less.

Over the course of those 7 weeks we basically sprouted a whole new business with our curbside and online shop.  And now that we're back open, we're figuring out this NEW “new normal” and what it means to now have an open storefront along side an online shop + robust curbside service.

We continue to be so thankful for your support. Whether you're ordering online and having things shipped to your loved ones, pulling up to the Curb for a quick delivery or coming inside to say hello and shop.  We appreciate your patience if we have to run an order outside or answer the phone while you're at the counter. We'll keep growing and figuring things out.

Something to Celebrate!
Whether they're graduating in May or August...we have something to celebrate!  Our signature Hooray Hurrah tee isn't just for the Football Stadium!  It's for finishing up all their classes.  It's for landing the job of your dreams, it's for saying "HOORAY! You Did It!" Available in S, M, L, & XL.  $26.99

I have to be honest, this whole end of school year "non-graduation" graduation season is difficult.   My twins are finishing up 5th grade.   With very little fanfare.  They don't seem to mind it, but I sure do.  I'd love for them to have their last few weeks of school in the building where they started.  With their teachers and their friends.  And who knows what the next school year holds for them.   And don't even get me started on middle school.  So not ready for middle school.  
Thankful that no matter how crazy the world seems, we have a God who has overcome!  This necklace would also make a great graduation gift for a Mizzou Grad, or a High School Grad who might be heading to Mizzou in the fall...or perhaps leaving Missouri for a new adventure in another state.

If you have someone to celebrate this week, we'd love to help you!