Something is comin'...

I feel it.

Thinking of everyone tonight who is on edge in Florida, and even friends here in Columbia with property & loved ones on Floridas Gulf Coast. 

I'm praying for you. 

I in no way want to make light of the HUrricane situation but I feel a storm of another kind barreling down on me.  It's called Retail in the 4th Quarter. 

Christmas is less than 90 days away. 

There's so, so much to do.  I did make a couple decisions to reduce a the crazy somewhat.   We moved our Big Holiday Open House back a week.   (SAVE THE DATE!  It's Nov 10 - 12)

This gives us a little more time to flip the shop after Halloween and ALSO, for the first time in a couple of years, we're planning a Big Event to Celebrate Plume's 9th Birthday!  (For those of you who are new here, I opened Plume on my 40th Birthday Nov 1, 2013.  That's right I'm turning 49 too!)

Can you imagine the party we're already planning for my 50th and Plume's 10th Birthday Next Year? 

Really wish I could go back and open the shop in July when there is absolutely nothing else going on but alas...Nov 1st it was.    Not to mention my twins birthday is Oct 30th, and sandwich Halloween in there right between that and mine & Plume's birthdays, and well it's a whole nother level of crazy.   But we do it!  

We sure hope you can join us to celebrate with us! 

In the meantime...come see us for lots of FALL GOODIES! 

October is shaping up to be such fun!   ONE QUICK NOTE about the Gathering Room Reservation Link above.   We're almost completely booked on Saturdays for the remainder of 2022.  If you're looking to host a Baby or Bridal Shower in Jan or Feb 2023, it's not too early to BOOK NOW!    
Speaking of booking up...this adorable Felt Flower Workshop is already over 1/2 full!  

 "Hello Pumpkin" Felt Flower Sign
Thursday Oct 13th 6-8PM (6 Spots)
Saturday Oct 15th 10-12PM (5 Spots)
$69 Per Person
Fall Cupcakes & Macaron Boxes have hit the Bakery Case!   
If we can help you with gifts this week, we'd love too!
Babies, brides, birthdays...are our specialty!   Don't forget the Cupcakes!
Have a great Week!