sneak peak

Here's a sneak peek at some of Molly's flirty skirts & a to-die-for Peter Pan sheer blouse.


One thing I've realized...she has got to start taking before shots. Believe me when I tell you that each of these pieces has a robust history. I don't know where they were worn in a past life but I can imagine. I'm all about the stories behind things and Plume is full of things with a past. So are Molly's clothes.

That pink lace skirt? Think Disney Princess Belle dress, (swooped up sides with the roses and a hoop underneath kind of dress). Probably a prom or brides maid dress from the 70's or early 80's. Peter Pan shirt? Previous life was a mid-calf length vintage robe with a matching night-gown. The black skirt? Used to be a dress with this crazy looking frilly black collar and trim at the bottom. She took the lace panels off of another garment she had. Keep your eye open because the old black trim from the dress will probably turn up on another piece some time soon. That dress with the nude panel and black lace overlay? Previously had a full length sheer black mock turtle neck overpowering the neckline and hiding much of the beauty of the lace detail. Bye Bye overlay, hello little black dress, Molly style. When I started Plume, I inherited a stash of vintage clothing from the previous owner of the shop space I've taken over. (I'll introduce you to my friend Patty soon in another post.) I wasn't sure I was going to offer clothing at first and really didn't know what I was going to do with all of it. I am afterall a home-dec gal...and do not have the precision or patience for making anything wearable! But I do so love beautiful, unique clothes. My babysitter Alex introduced me to Molly. A Match Made in Heaven! She just so happened to be totally into up-cycling and designing clothes using exisiting pieces, and had just recently graduated from Mizzou with a degree in Textile and Apparel Management and wanted a career in design but did not want to leave Columbia to pursue it. Hello God...thanks for the hook-up.

(Anyone go see Beauty and the Beast at Jesse Auditorium this past July? Those costumes were all Molly.)

I handed my stash over to Molly and she got to work.

Then she told me she wanted the name of her clothing line to be Inheritance. I fell in love with it! It fits perfectly in line with the overall vision I have for Plume.

We have our own little sewing studio in my basement. We sew side by side and it is so fun. She is mentoring me on my home dec sewing projects for Plume and I give her a little marketing and creative direction here and there for Inheritance when she needs it.

I want every single thing she has made so far hanging in my closet. But instead they're hanging in my basement waiting to be taken to the shop where they will find a new home with some of you lucky ladies and I will beam with pride for Molly every time I see one of her designs worn out in public (but I will secretly be mourning the loss of those clothes and hate you) Momma's gotta pay the rent, so they are yours if you want to give her a call!

I can't wait to meet you when you stop by the shop to try on her babies.

See you Soon!