Snap out of it...

I sat down this evening and honestly had no idea what I was going to write about.   So I spent some time looking back at my emails from this time last year to see what was going on. 

I can't help it but it made me sad. 

This time last year we were in the middle of our fall workshops.   We had the Gathering Room booked every single weekend for the most fun celebrations of brides and babies.  I've had so many people ask recently when we'll be  able to have workshops again...and the answer is we just don't know...but for sure not for the remainder of 2020.   We love nothing more than having friends gather around our workshop table, and while our table is huge, it doesn't really allow for proper spacing and still allow us to have enough guests to make the workshops financially feasible.   We are still booking the Gathering Room but are held to less than 20 guests (we normally book events up to 40), and of course all the normal COVID restrictions apply for the events... so there just aren't as many on the books. 

We've been so protected and loved and supported...

I remember Jeremy and I talking when COVID first ramped up in March, not knowing how things were going to turn out, about how long we could float the shop personally if the worst case scenario occurred.   As it turned out, we never even got close to worse case scenario.  Even with being closed for 7 weeks, Plume grew!  With the exception of March, when it took me a week or so to get my legs under me, our sales have been up every month over 2019.

And then there's September...

While things are by no means dire, we're still doing fine, we are going to experience our first decline in sales over 2019 since March, this month.  The direct loss of workshop and gathering room revenue is a big part.  But I also think we're seeing the stress and strain of parents who are homeschooling and not able to be out and about during the week.

We're all just trying to cope and survive.     

It's unsettling heading into the 4th Quarter, when we should have so much momentum, wondering if this is going to be a trend for the end of the year.  Wondering if there was something I could have been, should be, doing to prevent this from happening.  But quite frankly,  I'm not exactly at the top of my game right now either.  I'm running back and forth from the shop to our house helping my kids stay on track with school.  Having trouble focusing, having trouble getting motivated.  

Snap out of it, Kelly! 

We may not be able to have in person workshops but we do have some pretty amazing Felt Flower Kits from Beth at Heartgrooves Handmade to help you get ready for fall and the holidays.  This strawberry mint color combo is one of my favorites! 

And I love this new Rose Succulent Kit. 

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It's also never too early to order personalized gifts for the holidays.  We love these  new personalized signs from Kim at Blue Daisy Dreamer
A couple of different options available...

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See you Soon!