February 25, 2020

When Jeremy and I got married we bought a 100 year old house and fixed it up.  Our first furniture purchase the next year was a couch, loveseat, ottoman & recliner.   This was many years ago when we lived in Joplin and I thought it was perfectly fine to buy four pieces of furniture in EXACTLY the same brown leather. 

 If you like reading these kinds of stories and want to hear about my love story with this couch...keep reading.

Or you can skip to the bottom and find out more about our newest Cookie Decorating and Felt Flower Workshops.   And remember you can reply to this email to pre-order your croissants for Friday's Pop-up with Frenchy Treats.   I'm also pumped to announce we have begun taking cupcake orders again!!  We will start filling the case and your orders with delicious made-from-scratch cupcakes next Tuesday March 2nd. back to my couch.

I'm not kidding when I tell you this is the best couch EVER made.  It's the softest distressed leather in a beautiful caramel color.  It has aged beautifully and the distressing from our family's wear and tear has just made it somehow more comfortable without wearing it out.   Aside from one small ripped corner the dog helped himself to as a puppy, it's in great shape.  The cushions and springs are so sturdy.  I just don't think they make furniture like this anymore.   We got rid of the recliner a few years ago (BECAUSE...FOUR MATCHING PIECES OF FURNITURE) but I would willingly keep the couch and love seat 20 more years.  And I totally think it would hold up.

If only it fit our whole family...


and the dog...
We've just outgrown it.    Our movie nights aren't as comfy as they used to be now that the kids are bigger.  And when family visits...we just need more seating.   So we ordered a new sectional that should add a substantial amount of seats and we sold the couch and love seat (and the matching ottoman!) this week.  I'm reminded of the melancholy I felt when we sold our mini van a couple years ago.   Is that strange?    I'm sad because we're saying goodbye to our couch. 

I suspect it's not the object itself.    But the memories attached to it. 

I laid on bedrest on that couch. 

I nursed twins on that loveseat (at the same time!) and Anni too.

We've snuggled and watched so many movies...both before kids and since.  

My babies learned to cruise around that ottoman.   They flipped off the arms of that couch, plopping onto the cushions and giggling.

There has been so much life lived on and around that couch. 
I don't want to forget the life we lived on that couch. 

What memories are you making this week friends?  If they involve gift giving, we'd sure love to see you in the shop this week.  We have so many handmade gift options for everyone from babies to big folks. 

 Our Kitchen remodel is 99.9% FINISHED and that means Cupcakes will be back for our in-house events this Saturday and we'll start stocking the case next Tuesday.   Feel free to place your Cupcake Orders NOW for pickup anytime beginning March 2nd.

See you soon!