Plume Saves Hubby!

I love you people and I thank you for putting up with my limited hours. I know its somewhat inconvenient and not ideal. I always feel so bad when someone comes in and says "I came by Tuesday but you were closed." Please know how much I appreciate your perseverance when you finally are able to make it on a day I'm actually open! Maybe it won't always be like this...but for now it has to be enough. I realized today that I've not spent much time communicating that I do, in fact, take appointments outside of normal business hours. If there's "Something Plume" you just have to have, and it can't wait until I open up on Thursday. Please Call me. I live 5 minutes from the shop. I can't always promise I can meet you there, but if at all possible I'll be happy to open up for you. Seriously. I have rent to pay, people. This morning, I got a call from a sweet (somewhat stressed) hubby. sweet hubby: "I was wondering what your hours are today?" me: "I'm sorry, I'm not open until Thursday." sweet hubby: "Oh no. My wife's birthday is tomorrow! I was hoping I could run out on my lunch break and pick up a gift for her" me: "That's ok...I'll be happy to meet you at the shop around 12:30" sweet hubby: "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!" Plume saves the day! Hubby was able to buy his wife a gift certificate and a cute locally designed card to go with. Plume-p001 Almost exact same scenario happened last week with a nurse who needed a gift for her doctor-boss's birthday. Glad to have been able to oblige and met her at the shop early one morning before she headed into work. On another note...I will also say that if there's anyone out there in the blogosphere who would like to purchase a Gift Certificate and you have a week's notice or so... Call me...You can pay over the phone with a credit card, I'll email you a confirmation receipt...and cheerfully pop a gift certificate in the mail to you. Easy Peasy. In the meantime...just a little reminder of my hours. As my grandpa used to always say..."Don't be a stranger!" See you soon.