I’ve been busting at the seems to share with you some of our plans for 2018.  The most exciting of which is THAT WE ARE EXPANDING!  We’re staying put in our current location but adding another 1200 sq feet of space to our foot print on the west side of the shop.

There are so many benefits to having this extra space not the least of which is more parking!  We’ll also be able to jazz up the outside of the building, improve our signage by the road, add about 800 sq. feet of retail space (bring on more makers!) enhance our Kitchen to bring you more food & beverage options and double our Gathering Room & Event Space (more classes and larger private events!)  We are so thankful for this opportunity.

If you’ve been in Plume since Christmas you may have noticed a few changes.  There are a lot more men hanging around…

…and the exterior fence is gone that separated Plume from Brock’s Auto Body Shop.  The QDC guys have been working hard so I took them some cupcakes over for a little treat.   You may also notice Plume is not as “full” as you may have experienced in the past.  This is necessary as we prepare for construction.  We basically took down Christmas, which always leaves a lot of bare space, and haven’t filled the empty spaces back up because we need some wiggle room as we prepare to open up the wall between our existing space and the new unit.   I’ve been told this will happen on Jan 22.

The interior opening will be cut on our west wall which most recently housed Mizzou items, home decor, our mantle and Christmas decor.   Thankfully the opening is just about the size of a double set of doors, so we’ll keep a lot of our wall space for display…but short term, after we close this coming Saturday Jan 20th we’ll have to completely clear this wall so they can prepare to cut.  If you have ever witnessed concrete being cut then you know what a huge dusty mess it is.  We went through this process when we expanded from our original single unit in 2014 into our Current Gathering Room & Kitchen space.  It’s not fun, but I’m welcoming it with open arms!

Plume will maintain our normal business hours Thursday – Saturday during construction as most of the dirty work will take place while we’re closed each week Monday – Wednesday.   Our baby, jewelry, wedding and other gift options are not really affected by construction so please keep popping in when you need to give love to someone in the form of a handmade gift.  That gorgeous piece of art above the mantle is still available and some of the pallet letters if you need to dress up a wall.  You also might get lucky and score some treasures out of our storage area.  We’re really cleaning house right now and have a lot of items that have been in the back room taking up space that we’re finally pulling out on the floor to clear out.  Lots of odds & ends, tables, chairs, etc.  We need to get the shop as empty as possible this week in preparation for the wall opening to be made next Monday.    We prefer as few items left in the shop that we have to clean dust off of next week, so please…help a girl out!

Here’s a little peek at the interior of the new unit.

This space was previously Brock’s Auto Body Shop so there is plenty to be done to “Plume-ify” it.  I’ll try to keep you posted on progress as we go.  I’m hesitant to put hard dates out there but I’m really hoping the new space will be ready sometime in March.

Thank you again for all of your support since 2013.  It’s because you came, and you keep coming back that we have the courage to move forward and continue building Plume into a fun little destination spot.  A place where you can grab a cupcake or some gourmet popcorn, shop for a gift, find something unique for your home, host a party or shower, make something pretty or just have a chat at the counter.

See you soon!