Plans and Projects

We're STILL working on the laundry room.  Waiting on just a couple more cabinets to come in and then we're researching some creative ways for drying racks and laundry basket containment.   We only have a wall about 30 inches wide to dedicate to those functions so it's challenging. 

We also moved on to the basement this week while we're waiting on cabinets.  I hauled off a car full of donations today.   Is that not such a good feeling?   We have a few new pieces of furniture coming for our upstairs and moving some of our old pieces downstairs.   So the rearrange required a major purge in the basement.  

While I was in de-cluttering mode, Jana and I worked in the storage room at the shop today.   I fear my team was about to declare mutiny on me if I didn't get that back room cleaned up.  Hoping to make a better designated space for them to keep their things while they're working etc.   No pics today, but maybe I'll get some next week. 

After last week I did take some time to make a list of projects and goals around the shop for 2021.  Some minor and some major re-arranges and remodels.   Starting with a new and expanded front checkout counter.  We'll be adding a 2nd terminal and a way for the girls to tag inventory our front.   Currently they have to use the computer in the back and it's difficult to cover the floor and tag inventory at the same time.   

My current checkout counter has improved greatly in the 7 years we've been open but it has always been and still is a hodgepodge of several different counters and cabinets arranged together.  My eyes want to see one big beautiful flowing cohesive space.  So that's what we're finally going to be able to do!   I need some additional electrical wires run so that will be the first step.  

I'll take some before pics and keep you posted. 

January is off to a good start, as far as Januarys go.   How odd (but also sooo great!)  to go from our craziest busiest time, to our slowest time.  Almost overnight.  But honestly, January is so  lovely.  It's a time for catching up and planning and regrouping.  And that's what we're doing!

Save the date for NEXT TUESDAY JAN 19th.  It's National Popcorn Day and we'll have GOPO 1/2 Gallons for just $5 all day long!   These are normally $7.99 so it's a great day to save and enjoy Columbia's only Locally Made Gourmet Popcorn. 

RSVP Here on our Facebook Event and help us spread the word!  It will also help us know how much Popcorn to have on hand if we know you'll be stopping by.

It's also time for Pre-Orders for our Favorite Valentine "Love Mugs" by Angela Marie Pottery.  The 2-tone clay heart and hand carved initials remind me so much of initials carved in a tree.  I used my maiden initials on mine because the mugs remind me of young love, before marriage!  Perfect gift for a guy or gal.   Orders placed before Jan 31st will be ready for pick-up at Plume before Valentine's Day. 


If you didn't get a chance to get an Cocoa Bombs back before Christmas, you are in luck!   MacKenzie whipped up up a few batches and we'll have them available when we open today at 10. 

Both the dark chocolate and the white chocolate are filled with classic hot cocoa powder and marshmallows.  Stop by and grab some!

Hours this week Tuesday - Friday 10 to 6 and Saturday 10 to 4.  If you have upcoming events, cupcakes are in the case this week and we'd be happy to fill orders for you! 

Have a great week!