Our Family...

As is normal for me in mid-late October. I'm on the crazy train.  My twins 13th birthday is coming, Halloween, then my birthday + Plume birthday and then the Holiday Open House.  Oh and nothing like spending half the day putting up Christmas Trees.   They're not decorated yet but I'm really happy with where we put them this year.  Changing things up a bit!  

Did you know we're about to Celebrate our 8 Year Birthday at Plume?  I can hardly believe it.   For those of you who are new here...I opened Plume on my 40th Birthday, November 1, 2013. 

My gift to myself.  

A lot of people thought I had completely lost my marbles.  

But 8 years later there's been so much growth.  Growth in me, growth in the physical space of the shop, growth for our makers who have come along side us.   It's been hard.  But it's also been very rewarding because of all of you I've met in this space.

I honestly have no idea what on earth I want to do to celebrate this year.  It's always a bit of a struggle because it's so close to the Holiday Open House every year.  November 1st is a Monday this year, and we're closed.  (Don't think there isn't some part of me that is TICKLED that I get my own birthday off this year too!)  But the Holiday Open House starts Nov. 4th, so there will just be so much going on.  I'm still pondering about it, and will let you know if I come up with anything.  Maybe it will just be a quiet day for me to reflect on everything God has taught me in this space.

Speaking of Holiday Open House, I can't believe it but we've already sold almost HALF of our Tickets!   If you don't have yours yet, 
Here's what you need to know. 

Thursday November 4th - Saturday November 6th

Tickets are $10 and include:
  • $10 coupon good towards any purchase during the Open House. (Your full ticket price refunded back to you!)  
  • Complimentary Goodie Bags will include a Plume Cupcake, GOPO Gourmet Popcorn + a few surprises! 
  • Sip on my momma's wassail while you shop. 
  • Entry into our grand prize giveaways!
  • 10% of Sales for the 3-Day event will be donated to Love Columbia.  
  • There is no physical ticket to mail or for you to pick up.  Just keep your online order showing he date and time you are signed up for, and we'll see you at the door!  You'll be handed your Ticket/$10 Coupon as you enter. 

We certainly do not want to skip over Fall so if you have upcoming events (INCLUDING, THANKSGIVING ORDERS...) Our Fall Cupcake Quartet is always a hit! 
Pre-Order yours NOW. 
And not to keep jumping back and forth but we do have some Personalized Holiday Ornaments that need to be pre-ordered.   I just love this sample Kim did with Our Family.   I look at it and see the names and know how blessed we are.  Our Family is really what it's all about.  

She's put together a couple different options available for ordering now. 

In addition to these beautiful personalized ornaments, Beth has put together a workshop where you'll make a set of 3 felt flower ornaments and THEY ARE SO CUTE!

See you in the shop this week!