Not in this Lifetime...

I hope all of you had a good Mother's Day...I know first hand Mother's Day isn't always a joyous occasion.  I spent many years hurting and wanting so badly to become a mom, so it's never forgotten that this day is rough for many of you.  I also see how much my own mom misses her mom, especially on Mother's Day. 

I spent half of the day at a basketball tournament.  And while I love watching my kids in all their activities, a sports tournament isn't particularly what I would choose to do on Mother's Day if I planned the day myself.  (And I know lots of moms who feel the same!)  
A good friend of mine spent her entire weekend, including Mother's Day out of town at a baseball tournament.  Men/Dads...why do you plan sports tournaments on Mother's Day?   If you want to plan those things on Father's Day...more power to you...but FOR.THE.LOVE...take Mother's Day off the table.  

We did end the day doing things I loved which included grilling Steak at home, then heading down to Sparky's for ice cream and a walk over to the Columns and Quad...  

...and I marveled at how much my kids have grown and all they're experiencing. 

It was such a beautiful day and the oak trees were in all their glory on Campus.  We spent time as a family talking about how big and old they were.  Sadly, first thing this morning we hear on the news that May 18th, right after graduation and all the students are gone, they're going to cut of those oak trees down.  Over 15 of them.  

This is one of my very favorite pics of me and my kids from 2016.  You can see some of those trees in the background and overhead.  They give so much green and shade and beauty.  
I'm no arborist.  I know they wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't necessary.    They say the current pin oak trees are 60 years old and rotting from the inside out.   The new trees are white oak and estimated to live over 200 years.  They've been growing out at the MU South Farm since 2019 and will be transplanted...but it will be decades before the Quad ever appears in it's current glory again. 

It's a sacrifice for a longer term gain.

Sadly, not in this lifetime for me. 

But maybe for my kids?

Or my grandkids.

Whew.  Can you tell I'm really affected by these trees?

We also saw lots of Graduates out in the Quad yesterday getting their pics made.  Such a fun energy to be there.

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Have a great week!


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