October 1, 2019

Those of you who’ve been around for awhile know that I strongly dislike anything Christmas before Halloween.   This is because there are too many other fun things that need to be celebrated first.  I don’t want to see your Christmas Ornaments, Stockings and Wreaths…Walmart, Hobby Lobby and every other retailer on the planet.  My blinders are on!


Give me my Homecoming, Pumpkins, Fall Fests, My babies’ Birthdays (Oct 30), Halloween, My Birthday (Nov 1st) and Plume’s Birthday (Also Nov 1st)  please.  Then I will talk to you about Christmas.  

No Christmas in October Please & Thank You.

HOWEVER… We will start figuring out where the heck we will put all the Christmas Trees at Plume here soon.   Last year for the first time we started putting trees up in Mid October.  We didn’t do much decorating or put out other merchandise, but it did take a HUGE weight off of us being able to spread the set up out over more time, so I did cave.   And we will do that again this year, but I’ll still dislike every minute of it until November 2nd.

The kids were out of school today. Jeremy’s parents were here visiting and he took off work also so we had some nice family time, did a little shopping and had a yummy lunch at Addison’s South.  I love downtown, but I so love the convenience of a quick lunch closer to home.

It was my Saturday to work this past weekend but when I wasn’t  “Plume-ing”, we printed quite a few tees and have several more jobs to do this week.  The HOORAY HURRAH TEES are fully restocked in anticipation of the Homecoming demand and we’re also now getting ready to print our 3rd run of the Big Tree Tees.  They should be restocked in all three colors by Wednesday this week.   So, so glad you love that design as much as we do!

We’re high-fiving over our first 3 “Outside Print Jobs”.  They aren’t total outsiders though, we’ve taken on some print jobs for 3 of our Maker Friends here at Plume; Paper Baristas, Story Designs & Chicory.   It’s good for us to get our feet wet with our “family”.   On a particularly exciting note, the 4 designs we’re printing for Paper Baristas will be launched down at the SILOBRATION in Waco in a couple weeks.  How cool is that?  T-Shirts that WE PRINTED will be for sale at Magnolia?!? The shirts are super cute and we may have some at Plume later this fall as well.

In the meantime, we’ll have Grace’s new Chicory Tee’s available here at Plume by the end of the week…too!   If I WERE talking about Christmas…I’d be talking more about Grace’s Tees…but I’m not talking about Christmas.

One last message about “no-Christmas” in October before I go.  This week is our Fabric Button Jewelry Workshop.  If you like to start shopping (or making gifts) early, this is the workshop for you.   Heather brings such a large variety of Jewelry findings and bases that no 2 people will leave with the same 6 Jewelry Pieces.  One of your pieces could be a Charm Bracelet like this one…

…Embellished with one simple tiny fabric paw print button and a couple accessory charms Heather provides (also included in the workshop!) You not only pick your fabrics, you get to pick your accessory charms!

Or Love Earrings?  Make 6 Pairs of Earrings!  (When I took the workshop, I made 4 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces…these earrings below are 2 of mine)

Or Make 3 Separate Coordinating Earring/Necklace Sets…

The options are endless.   This Navy & White set below was my favorite design from our July workshops, made by my neighbor Lori Hord.

If this sounds right up your alley, we’d love for you to join us!

You can give your completed projects as gifts, and I’ll even gift wrap them for you.   That’s potentially 6 Christmas Gifts you can knock off your list for just $49! (But remember, I’m not talking about Christmas yet...)   We’re ONLY OFFERING Fabric Buttons one more time in 2019,  THIS WEEK.  So if you want to join us…SIGN UP TODAY, all sign-up links for Fabric Buttons, along with all our other Fall Workshops are below.  Spots are filling up. 


Happy Tuesday sweet friends, see you in the shop today at 10am!