New & Improved!

It's hard to find something cuter than our Vintage Pink Oven, but we did find something much more efficient. 
This new oven has helped us go from baking 1 tray of cupcakes at a time, to 4 trays at a time!  Our little pink oven is still in the kitchen.  We moved it over into the corner for now, until we can find a better spot for it. 

...but this is a pic I took of it in right before our last few batches of cupcakes were baked in it.  
But now she also lives in infamy in our new Bake Shoppe logo. 

We couldn't love it more! 

Our new Bake Shoppe sign was hand-painted by Maker Marin Tucker (ya'll she JUST now graduated from High School!) on this vintage sign my mother & father-in-love found at an estate sale.  It came from an old barber shop.   I've had it in storage for about 5 years.  I've moved it all over the place, through multiple remodels and reorganizations.   Its been in my garage, my storage room, in the old kitchen leaning up against the wall.   I just knew I'd have the perfect use for it "someday".  

It's just so perfect!

In other Bake Shoppe news, we've been working hard to document our processes and procedures that will allow us to grow well. In order to fully maximize the capacity of our new kitchen we will likely need to grow our team, and before we can do that we really need to have our machine well oiled. Everything from final tweaks to our recipes for the new oven, thorough cleaning schedules, ingredient and shopping lists and working on some new "looks" for some of our classic cupcakes and a few new tricks up our sleeves. 

That brings me to our new ordering process!  We need to first SELL more cupcakes if we are going to BAKE more cupcakes.   We just finished up fine-tuning and simplifying our ordering process and I'm so thrilled with it! 

You can now order your BOX SIZE, FLAVORS, and SELECT PICK UP DATE in one easy ordering process HERE
If you need cupcakes for an upcoming event, give it a try!  All 8 flavors are available to mix and match in any quantities you'd like.   
Speaking of Cupcakes, did you know you get cupcakes at our Felt Flower Workshops?     

Make this adorable Felt Flower Clip Frame with Beth from Heartgrooves Handmade.  Smaller class size means more one-on-one time with Beth, our resident Felt Flower Queen!

Felt Flower Workshop with Heartgrooves Handmade
Thursday July 9th  6-8:30PM (10 Spots)
Saturday June 11th 10-12:30PM (9 Spots)
As always, we so appreciate your support.  If you're looking for a sweet baby or birthday gift this week, we'd love to see you in the shop. And we still have loads of fun gifts on the website available for curbside pick-up if you're still not quite ready to venture inside. 

Take Care Friends,