Never too Much Glitter.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm easily distracted by bright shiny objects. By now you've probably seen the event invites coming out for our Glitter Gatherings.

What are they exactly, you ask? Two hours of glorious glitter fun with Jana from Studio J and her custom blend of German Glass Glitter. You can bet your bippy I LOVE IT! {In my opinion a girl can never have too much glitter}. In February we kicked off the first of many Glitter Gatherings at Plume. Jana does such a great job of showing you how to take very ordinary inexpensive elements and create some pretty fabulous show-stopping wow decorative accents quicker than you can say Jana's German Glass Glitter 3 times. We'll be scheduling and hosting Glitter Gatherings throughout the year which are available for anyone to sign up. Next date May 2nd at 10:30. $29 per gal. Each participant will make and take home 4 completed glitter decorative elements and their very own jar of glitter for finishing more projects at home. If a class is not your thing...German Glass Glitter is always readily available for purchase at Plume.

Available in Gold, Silver & Pink. $16 per jar. Available in Silver, Gold & Pink. $16 per jar
Something else I'm really excited about is the ability to offer private Glitter Gatherings to you and 6 of your closest friends. Yes, that's right...if you can gather a minimum of 6 girls, you can schedule your very own private Glitter Gathering. You'll get Jana and the entire Gathering Room all to yourself. You may bring in any food or drinks (including wine or other adult beverages). These can be scheduled anytime...even outside of normal business hours...{Girls Night Out Anyone?} long as you meet the minimum 6 person requirement. We can accommodate groups of up to 12 ladies. To sign up for the May 2nd Glitter Gathering or to schedule your very own private Glitter Gathering, call Plume @ 573.823.9654. Individual Class fee is $29/person Private Bookings for 1- 6 girls start at $175 with an additional $29 per person for the next 6 guests up to 12. $100 deposit required to hold the date. Refundable with 24 hours notice. I'll leave you with a few pics from a recent Gathering. {Thank you to Angelique Hunter for taking these photos}.
Glitter Gathering set up
This class was around valentines day. We made glitter floral vases, heart votives, clothespins and embellished some vintage valentines.
Gluing Clothespins Jana likes to take it easy on her guests...we always warm 'em up with the clothespins.
Glittering CLothespins
Look how pretty they are in all three colors Look how pretty they are in all three colors
smiley girl Next...taping off the vase.
Glitter Gathering Hands Vase Working Group
GLuing Vase thought we could actually glue in an even straight line? Not even Jana can do that. Painters tape people. It's good.
GLittering Vase
TADA "Ta Da!" {Look how stinkin' cute she is!}
If you are a Girl needing a Glitter FIX, Jana and I hope to see you SOON!